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  1. Has any one purchased rooster capes from Ebay and if so what is the quality of those items or any that you have purchased.
  2. I am frustrated with the proportions of material on flies. Trying to tie black smut and calls for pheasant tail fibers, dubbing and hackle and cannot seem to stop crowding hook eye. Know just me and tying on #10 straight shank hook. hopefully this will pass.
  3. michaelt


    What is fly and does anyone have an example to show as am not familiar with this term. Thanks
  4. I have been loking for something to use on my wire spools and the plastic binder rings are great idea thank you.
  5. michaelt


    I am new to fly tying and see many mentions of CDC and in my ignorance cannot figure this out. Type of fly, material?
  6. Is it conceivable to use standard sewing thread to tie flies?
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