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  1. :hyst: Thanks for the replies folks. If ANY of you EVER need yellow/gold chenille, my email's in my profile! Since NONE of my local craft stores had yellow, I got 2 sizes on Ebay. Of course, they are 2 lb rolls, but really inexpensive. I'm waiting for the invoice as shipping will be combined...near as I can figure, probably around $15.00 for all of it. I figure I will never run out & may be able to use it to trade for hooks, etc. Now, how many little ol' wooly worms you think I'll get off one of those rolls?? Mike
  2. I agree with oldfart.....LOVE those large gills on either my 3 wt or my vintage bamboo. Mike
  3. :dunno: I am real "raw" at tying. My "go-to" bluegill fly is a yellow wooly worm with grizzly hackle. Problem is finding the yellow chenille in large quantity locally. There is plenty on Ebay, however, it's cotton, rayon, acrilic chenille, etc. Is there a real difference in the materials? Materials to avoid? How do I know what size to get...most of my woolies will be on 10-12 hooks. Thanks, Mike
  4. Hey folks, Thanks for the FANTASTIC suggestions! I loved the suggestion for a BBQ rotisserie (spelling forgiven Al )...I can build a stand where I can slip the motor on & off & STILL use it for my shish-kebabs. All I need is the wheel & an appropriate sized shank, which I think I have somewhere in the basement. Those swimming "noodles" are also a great idea, & 1 would last a lifetime! Thanks, folks!!...your creativity & common sense ideas have baled me out! Mike
  5. :dunno: I am planning on tying some epoxy flies. Mostly red butt epoxy ants. I understand the wheel type dryers work very well. So far I have seen 2 types...1 has a foam wheel & the other has a coil spring. The coil spring has clips available for the sizes I hope to tie (14-18). The foam type seem fine, but how long will the foam last & how easily replaceable is it? Thanks for any & all replies, Mike
  6. I MUST brag! My first fly was a sponge spider....an ORDINARY spider you say???..NO SIR/MA'AM!!! MY spider had adjustable legs!....that's right, you could slide those babies all over the place!! Short front legs, then short back legs, legs comin' outta their ears, bellies, keesters! You NAME it! I think I tied the most versatile spider in history!................I'm gonna name it the "Flanagan Convertibe Spider". Why, even Social Security Disability couldn't deny this one. Mike
  7. Lance, I just got promoted to Trainer/Quality Auditor at work & may return to my old schedule, which would be 3 days & 2 afternoon shifts. That would free me up to join a TU chapter, which I REALLY want to do. I felt the same way with JayCees (when I was young!)...if I'm joining, I MUST be active. I WILL get in touch with you regarding tying! Thanks for the offer. Mike
  8. Thanks for the welcome to all! British Mike...It doesn't get any better than grandchildren, does it? fishinlk...My work schedule prevents me from attending those meetings & I have friends from Canton who are members. I may be gettin' in touch with you for some private tying lessons if that's possible? In return I can take you to a small pond where I have caught 10" gills & 22" channel cats on a 3 wt & 'buggers! Mike
  9. Hi everybody, I registered some time ago, lost my password & just now am able to post with the same name I use on FAOL. I am a "raw rookie" tyer, although I will turn 60 this year, and will certainly be asking some REALLY basic questions! This site was suggested for someone (like me) of "no tying knowledge". I have my OTT Lite, Danvise, Rite bobbin & decent tools, so I think I'm good to go. Questions will follow soon. My name is Mike Flanagan. I live in Canton, Ohio with wife of 35+ years, Colleen. We have 3 adult children, 3 granddaughters, 1 grandson, & a set of twins due in April. As I mentioned before, I am very active on FAOL (Fly Anglers On Line), & look forward to posting here. Seems to be a ton of tying knowledge on this board & I will need it! Mike
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