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  1. Good evening, Do you find yourself sometimes looking for the "Flies Gone Bad" jar on your tying bench even though you are an experienced tyer? Do you end up stripping them back down to the bare hook over the long Winter & start over, or do you use them regardless? I, for one, hate to waste materials, but my "Jar" does have a few in it at this point. Your thoughts, Tier Gone Mad-------------------------------------<*))))))))><
  2. Thanks for all the replies on my Articulated Flies Topic. I too use them whenever I can. I noticed one of you mentioned a Bluegill Articulated Fly, I'd love to see a pic of that one & tying instructions, if you'd share. thanks again, Tier Gone Mad--------------------------<*))))))))><
  3. Good Evening, Since I am fairly new to FTF I was wondering how many of you out there tie Articulated Flies? If so, is there a particular one you pull from your box? What fish do you target? What type of material do you use to connect the two sections? If you tie Articulated Flies do you typically leave both hooks, cut one of the hooks, or possibly use some of the new products out there? Just Curious, Tier Gone Mad------------------------------------<*))))))))><
  4. Good day to All, Just wondering if you had a favorite Bluegill pattern that's your "go to one" when those "Little Fighters" are your target for the day? One of the other fly fishing forums I used to be a part of I asked this same question & it turned out to be one of the highest grossing reply questions they ever had on their site. If you are willing to share your pattern I'd love to see what other Fly Fisherman reach for when it's time to fill the bucket. Tier Gone Mad--------------------------<*)))))))))><
  5. I had taken several fly tying classes way back & afterward I did some on-line research. When I had finished my research I purchased a Peak Vise. My classes had strickly Renzetti vises which were awesome, but $$$ was a factor in my research. I can tie anything on my Peak & would recommend one to anyone. Tier Gone Mad--------------------------<*))))))))))><
  6. Thank you for the compliments !! I have many of my patterns detailed out that way in Word documents typically with step-by-step pictures included. I am part of the Grand River Fly Tyers club & we as a club go to several Fly Tying Expos/Events in MI. I like to take my flies to these & if I have time while there I'll either sell some, or show someone how. Mostly sell as most folks are not too interested in learning while there, they are looking for new flies to try out at their favorite spot. I'll be posting some more soon. The Goblin actually is even more impressive with a Austrialian Possum head. It tends to push more water. I'll look for that pic too. Tier Gone Mad-----------------------------<*)))))))))><
  7. Thanks for the info on posting a Fly. I added one of my Steelhead flies, The Goblin. Tier Gone Mad---------------------------<*)))))))))><
  8. Good evening, I've been on other tying forums & kind of got away from them so I thought I'd give FTF a try. Been fly fishing most of my 57 years on this 3rd Rock from the Sun. Was taught by my Father & have never forgotten. (he was an awesome teacher & fisherman, Miss you Dad) Live in West Michigan, originally a Buckeye, married 36 years, three grown daughters, two son-in-laws & a Hyde Drift Boat. Tie all my own stuff & would like to post a few pics. How can I go about doing that task? I'll be back, Tier Gone Mad---------------------------------<*)))))))))><
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