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  1. its been about 14 years since i spoke to davie,he use to work at my best mates fishery in ayr,i only wish i was interested in the tying side of things back then coz he taught my mate how to tye and i couldnt be bothered lol...now hes a legend in the fly world lol does anyone have any idea is he coming to ireland for any of the shows this year coz it would be nice to catch up.......im sure he doesnt give out email addresses probably get pestered with the likes of me lol
  2. just thought id say hello,im a wee scotsman living in dublin.I do a lot of fishing around monaghan/cavan in south of ireland but do enjoy the river doon when i go home now and again.Im mainly a pike man but also enjoy salmon and trout.Just starting to tye my own flys but need lots of help....probably should have listened more to davie mcphail when he showed me about 15 years ago on springwater lakes lol.anyway im sure il be busting a few balls on here for info.....all the best ,jock
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