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  1. I'm looking for a link to a tutorial or step by step pictorial of Charles St Pierre's "Foxee Dog" Pattern.. Thank you for any information you may give me...
  2. Thanks for info.... I read it and will tie a few flies based on the info from there.
  3. Fellow Fly Fishers,,, I heard about this and actually caught one last year on a fly and I saw it done on Utube. Now I want to dial in on this for sport. So, anybody who has tried this please share some advise with me. What flies would be recommend and, if any, technique would you suggest. Where I am going there hundreds of mullet that pass through along the rip rap. Thank you for any advise you share with me.
  4. Great advise... I wonder what to expect to catch in the Ding Darling area....
  5. Thanks for the reply. Every tip counts, I'll be in Sanibel in two weeks, I know that's early even though it's been warm for Jan. Also, yes, Norm Zigler would be the right guy to ask.... I hope to get back in some of those warmer back waters with the yak... Thanks again
  6. Perry Poke

    Bite Tippet

    I'm heading to Florida to the Sanibel area and planning to fly fish from a yak and some wading/beach area. Will be fishing for anything. I'm taking two 10wgts, one loaded with a clear tarpon line, the other has a floating line and also a 8wgt with floating line........ What type of leader system would anyone recomend for the clear tarpon and what would you recomend for the bite tippet? I will be throwing any size fly from 8-1 including EP's and Clousers and shrimp patterns... Some people are saying 30# Maxima for bite on a loop knot... What are some thoughts on this.. Thanks for any info to a trout steedhead guy.. Perry Poke
  7. Hi Bob,,,im still learning my way around on this site.... Im having trouble finding you and or your "Trip to the Keys" post.... Thanks for the input...
  8. Fish the Mad? My friend nailed a 27" Christmas day. Thanks for the welcome
  9. Love MI.... I come up every Oct to fish the Big Mo.....we kayak it and fish for Kings and trout.....
  10. Thank you,,, you did respond to something I posted... I just saw this Welcome blog so thought I introduce myself here....Thanks again
  11. Hello and welcome.... Being fairly new here myself I'm sure this is the right place if your into fly tying plus the just the sharing of info is really helpful...
  12. Hello All,I am very impressed by all of the experience of the membership . I'm sure I will learn from all of you and hopefully my experience will help in the pool of knowledge that is available here on this wonderful blog. With over 58years of fly fishing I'm still on a learning curve which is why I continue to love this sport. Five years ago I entered into a new world of fly fishing...... I bought a Spey Rod, need I say more? You Spey guys out there know what I mean... Anyway I'm looking forward to participating here with all of you in the future.
  13. Very nice.... Such a universal pattern which will work anywhere.... Up here in the Great Lakes area it will match our Ermerald Shinner... Have you tried Artic Fox or Finn Racoon? How do you think that would work? Thanks for sharing.
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