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  1. Tom, when I used Explorer the uploader didn't work. But when I use Firefox, it does.
  2. NICE buck! What happened to his eye? Turkey vultures find him before you? Nothing beats hunting with a smoke pole.
  3. When you mention Orange/pink and Grey/Olive, are these dubbing mixtures, or some combination of dubbing and scud back?
  4. Greetings all, Need to stock up on my scud box for the upcoming season, and trying to decide which colors to use. If you could only carry three colors with you in a midwest spring creek, what would they be?
  5. Thanks to everybody for quick and very useful information. I'd love to get the school to allow a field trip at the end of the semester to try out our new flies! Who knows...doesn't hurt to ask.
  6. At school this January, I will be starting a beginning fly tying class for students grades 5 - 8 (10 - 12 year olds), and would appreciate any advice. I'm particularly looking for simple patterns that these kids can use in their farm ponds, creeks, and rivers. Species to target will be primarily sunfish, bass, crappie, and other warm-water fish. If you have any advice, patterns, or questions send them my way! Especially if you've taught a class like this to younger kids before. Thanks!
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