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  1. Great looking desk! Congrats! Sure does put my folding card table to shame.
  2. Good looking dubbing brushes. How does the dubbing block work?
  3. I kind of figured that answers would vary considerably. My question is a little too generalized. To be more specific.... If I were to pick up 2X Nymph Hooks(sizes 10-16 or 12-18 maybe) and Dry Fly hooks (sizes 12-16)....would this be a good start to build up inventory? Would it give me enough hook variety to tie a healthy range of patterns?
  4. What size hooks do you find that you use most often when tying: 1. Nymphs/Wets 2. Dries 3. Scuds
  5. Here's the 3rd tie..with the hackle behind the bead.
  6. I wish I could take credit for the recipe. It actually came from a book written by Tom Rosenbauer that came with the Orvis kit that I bought.
  7. I kept all of the hackle in pretty much the same place. Which having just watched a video on palmering, yes...i collared it. I'm still struggling with not crowding the head.
  8. Its a size 12 hook. I got the partridge feathers from a bag(Orvis Kit). I attempted to palmer the hackle, but it just didn't seem to want to. The tying recipe is from Tom Rosenbauer's book.
  9. I tried my hand last night at tying a Bead Head Soft Hackle from Tom Rosenbauer's book. The body and tail I had no problems with, but the soft hackle with Partridge feathers was NOT EASY. Here are a couple of photo. All critique is welcome. Now I'm not sure if it was my technique or the quality of the partridge feather....
  10. I'm ahead of the curve then. I have 2 LARGE containers set aside for materials.
  11. Hey all! I am new to the forum. Just thought I would check in and say "Hello". I just bought my first tying kit this past week. I have managed to tie a handful of Woolly Buggers so far. I have found one more aspect of fly fishing to add to my addiction!
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