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  1. It is still under development. Besides, the plastic I used would soften in Florida's heat.
  2. A 3-D printed reel with drag that I designed. I haven't fished it yet, but anxious to try it out on my 4 wt. It will never compete with a metal reel, but fun to make anyway.
  3. Here are some I 3-D printed. The pieces that hold the flys and streamers are printed separately from flexible material and glued in place where needed.
  4. I usually fish a soft hackle behind a streamer. I caught my biggest trout on a soft hackle fished 24" behind a white woolly bugger being stripped. I also fit them under an indicator with both the drop-shot method and conventionally.
  5. Whoops, wrong picture above. I meant this one.
  6. This one is my favorite. I designed and had made the jaws and arm. Everything else is from a Peak vise.
  7. Here is another one I made, with the help of a Peak vise.
  8. The jaws were 3-D printed with bronze impregnated stainless steel.
  9. This is my biggest feather thief.
  10. Video show how it could be done with forceps or hackle pliers.
  11. Build your own rod. It's even more satisfying than fly tying.
  12. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DM9ZR5Q/ref=twister_B01GVOZB66 Slotted beads will work.
  13. There is a popper of a different design at Thingiverse.com.
  14. Printed with a tube running from one side to the other. Other than the tube, it's hollow. Won't leak even if the legs are omitted.
  15. Your rod's length will limit you no matter what line you use. What do you think is a reasonable distance? Since the Wulff Ambush line is designed for roll casting, I don't think you find a better line for roll casting. However, in my opinion, it is not even close to the best for dry flies if you cast beyond the head length which is about 18’-20’. This is because you have to strip in line until the head reaches the tip guide in order to make another cast. I don't know why rstraight considers this a scadi line. It only has an 18’-20’ shooting head followed by an intrical shooting line of 75’. For swinging and streamers, I think the line is GREAT. For dries beyond 20’, the double taper might be a better choice. For what it's worth, I just now put my only Ambush line, a 5wt, on my 7’-6”, 3wt rod and did some roll casts in the back yard. I could cast about 18 yards (54 ft). That's with no loading from the dry grass, a way over-lined rod, and with a haul. Don't know how that will translate to your situation, but there it is.
  16. Wulff's triangle taper Ambush line was designed for roll casting. http://royalwulff.com/products/ambush-fly-line/
  17. I enjoyed it, but wouldn't walk across the street to see it again. Secondhand Lions, now there's a movie.
  18. Anyone anticipating retirement should realize that nearly every major item they own will need to be replaced before they die (15-20 years). That means plan on replacing your washer, dryer, water heater, roof, garage door opener, storm windows, lawn mower, cars, furnace, air conditioner, TV, computer, etc. That adds up to some big bucks and the price will only be increasing with inflation, about 3 % per year. So don't just figure you need enough $ for food, medicine, utilities, insurance and taxes. You are not the only thing that is deteriating, so is everything you own.
  19. "My fly setup was a #18 BWO flavored Klinkhamer with about a 12" dropper of the same 7X to this midge." What is a "flavored" Klinkamer ?
  20. I use Fusion 360; it's free. I posted a simple version of the popper (no leg hole or flats for eyes) on Thingiverse. You can download the .stl file there. Print it yourself or have it printed by Shapeways for about $2.50 or by someone local by using 3dHubs.com for probably a whole lot less.
  21. Here's a picture of 3 different sizes. No serious thoughts of getting into a business.
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