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  1. You could try flattening the lead wire into a strip and that nights give you a better shape. Just roll a pen or round cylinder object to flatten.
  2. Its when im tying but also when I open the container i have them stored in (little pieces from whiting grab bag).I did just finish washing them and noticed some meat on the skin so I scraped as much as i could of and i will wash them again tomorrow. I guess what i need is something just to keep in the container. I do have febreeze and it does help when im done tying. Sorry for being so damn picky about this XD
  3. i dont think i would like "grannies wardrobe either" I dont use moth balls because I havent really experienced many bugs in Arizona and I am still niave and havent experienced my first lost of maaterials due to them.
  4. I was wondering if anyone has used small perferated bags(fine mesh or fabric?) with baking powder inside of them to keep capes/skins from smelling of grease when stored. I already washed my skins and pieces of capes but still dont like the smell of them. Is there anything else i could use?
  5. I recently bought a Whiting Variety Pack? and I now have my very first capes and saddles(and of course those "interesting" pieces). I have them all stacked in a box and was wondering if its fine if the skin of one peice touches the feathers of another? Would it make the feathers underneath it greasy? I was also wondering if putting those gel silica packets in with the patches would be a good idea or not. Even though most of the patches are not "quality" they are still mine and i wanna care for them as much as possible.I know this is long and another question but could i maybe take a razor blade to scrape some of the excess "meat" of the skin? (by the way if you have not already, bought those whiting variety/grab bags, mine came with lots of grizzly hackles and two pieces of really nice furnace dryfly cape piece. Most of the feathers were hen.)
  6. thank you for such a detailed explanation. After finding that out I may just have to buy both...just like every thing else, because you know you can't buy just one color of anything.
  7. What is the main difference between a 1/4 oz pack of flanks then a full mallard drake wing
  8. I know a lot about dubbing but, I need help finding similariies between types of dubbing. How different is using say beaver then using rabbit. What are good substitutes, synthetic and natural for these dubbings. Im really interested what beaver dubbing is like and what types of flies it would be used for.
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