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  1. This is all you need to know! I've tied a ton of buggers on a Whiting bugger pack.
  2. I wouldn't want anyone to copy my flies...I would prefer they tie them the right way!
  3. I have used this knot recently. http://www.garyborger.com/equipment/nailless-nail-knot/
  4. I rarely tie a fly that I would like to post a picture of on here. These guys are just too good. But I catch a LOT of fish on my far less than perfect flies. Fishing is mostly about presentation and if you can give the fish something that looks tasty to them they will eat it if you can get it in front of them....usually.
  5. Looks like a great time! Nice fish! The legs not so much...lol!
  6. Looks like a typical flinner jig to me. What's the big deal?
  7. He has communicated with me through [email protected]. I have used a couple of the former sponsors. J. Stockard is a great company to use as well as Allen Fly Fishing. Both companies are stand-up and trustworthy.
  8. That's bigger than the last fly shop I was in! Unbelievable!
  9. Those are some beautiful bugs! How could a fish resist them?
  10. I would consider giving the line a shot. When I fish at night I feel disadvantaged in that I miss those strikes where my only indication may be the line drift being altered and I can't see it in the dark.
  11. I've never used a wading staff but I am going to get one before my next trip. I am far less flexible than I used to be and my balance is worse and my reflexes are slower. The technique Jaydub describes is a good one. The most difficult wading to me is in water with rocks 6-10 inches covered in moss on the bottom. My feet tend to get wedged in and balance can get compromised easily especially if the current is moderate to strong. Going slow is the only good way to navigate this kind of underwater terrain. Make sure your front foot is firmly planted and secure before moving the back one. There is no rush to reach the other side or the next hole.
  12. I like the texture and veins of the wings shown in detail in the top picture. Another great pair of pictures.
  13. Will, let me know if you email Rick again. As of this morning he had heard nothing from you and if there is some problem with emails I want him to know you are trying to contact him. He said he also didn't get all the hooks he ordered but hopefully you guys will be able to communicate and get it all worked out.
  14. My buddy finally got his order...sort of. It was partially shipped with no indication of whether the missing hooks and flybox were backordered or forgotten. Now he has to try to contact Will who has ignored all his previous communication with him so far. I'm thinking he will never see his money for the missing part of the order or get the missing/backordered items. To have a 50% off sale right in the middle of serious problems even answering an email is ludicrous. I won't say never but I it would take a very long time of doing things right again before I order again and even longer before I recommend him again. I am really sympathetic to what he is going through, I've been a first-class screw-up of the worst sort, but taking other people's money and not communicating with them when you aren't going to be able to fulfill your commitment, not just once but numerous times is bad business. I hope he does very well in the future and gets all of these things straightened out but he needs to just stop taking orders until he can devote the time and energy to filling them. The last time I posted a topic about how screwed up things were with GCO he deleted it. If he can delete negative comments he should be able to fill orders or give refunds.
  15. I bet if you tied some fluorocarbon tippet on there and pulled it across the office floor you could get some action!
  16. I would order them elsewhere until Will gets his affairs in order. There are a lot of people that have been waiting for orders for a long time. J. Stockard sells some good hooks of similar quality and price.
  17. Cheating at fishing should be the 8th deadly sin.
  18. Fish eat my flies all the time and they look awful. I tie to catch fish...if I don't like the way my flies look I just take off my glasses!
  19. I like to use yarn and I can really fuzz it up when i want to get buggy!
  20. +1...I use these for all my buggers.
  21. It is a Trout ll. It's an awesome reel! I wasn't sure what to expect, but they are surprisingly well built, and well designed. I love the over-sized drag adjustment knob. I think I paid around $150 for reel, wf floating line, and backing, shipping included. Nice! I was looking hard at one of those but went for the Lamson Guru. You sure caught some great fish. I have got to get into an area where I can find some of those!
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