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  1. I just re joined last December although the forum isn't what is used to be 15 years ago. It was humming in 2004-5 when I first joined. I bought my new rods off someone on the tackle trading post this past Christmas and got a sweet deal on rods used 1 time. That makes the 20 bucks worth signing back up for.
  2. Yeah, I do chum but not as much anymore. I can attach a baiting spoon to my net handle and can chuck out stuff up to 30 yards or so. I used to toss in 2-3 galloon of deer corn(soaked and boiled) and oatmeal, breadcrumbs, some carp attractor specific pellets, molasses, and make baseball sized balls to chuck in. i might make 1 gallon max of this now and just use it to spot chum around where I cast every so often or wrap it around my lead when fishing in the margins. I usually loose it at distances. Since last fall I go light with chum but use PVA sticks, the same brand in the video below. I usually put my hookbait of choice, corn, boilie, or chick pea, in the bag cut up and then will include carp specific attractor pellets. Those pellets can be anything from dried molasses or corn pellets to stuff with amino acids and feeding stimulants. This way my bait is sitting right near the "chum", like on top of it. I've increased my percentages greatly with this. Its only good for dried stuff or oil based liquids otherwise it will melt before you cast. For catfish you can use dry cat food, trout pellets, halibut pellets, and then whatever hookbait you want as long as you dry it off with a towel first. You'd just need much heavier lead to pull this stuff down to the bottom.
  3. Oh, no fly since this is the "no fly" post. Just a bunch of European carp tackle. Got them all on Maize or flavored corn. Each one felt way bigger than they were. The river is up, and current outside the eddy I fished is about 2x faster than normal. That 28lb felt around 40lb since I had to fight current as well..
  4. Took a longer Memorial Day weekend and got my first carp(s) of the year. Had my reels out for repair and Daiwa had some "issues" getting parts so I'm about 2-3 months behind. 21lb 4oz 28lb4oz 14lb 15lb 13oz 19lb 8oz
  5. This is really cool. What materials did you make it with?
  6. Iroc_Jeff

    Face masks

    Its highly doubtful its doing nothing. Its reducing the amount of particles in the air thus reducing the amount of any pathogen that may be in those particles which reduces the chance someone may catch something. Our masked up workplace this past winter had very few people sick where in years past it spreads from Nov-March. Its obviously done some good.
  7. Iroc_Jeff

    Face masks

    I've never worn a real mask all pandemic, just homemade ones made from old t shirts/Hawaiian shirts which I still have to wear at the workplace. My workplace still makes us get temperatures taken and wear masks and I have zero problem with it, even though I'm fully vaccinated (Moderna). I have also never kept one on when outside like fishing or even golfing as I just keep my distance. Inside confined buildings like grocery stores and work and whatever else I always make sure I have one on even though we do not need to if fully vaccinated. While the chances of asymptomatic spread are low I'll still do my part because I dunno who I'm going to run into and what their issues are or their families so I'll go that extra bit because I'm a good noodle. Once the vaccine rate locally goes way up then I'll stop.
  8. This January I bought the Griffin Superior 1A vice to replace my old 10$ whatever one it was, which by the way worked fine for the past decade but doesn't want to grab onto hook smaller than size 2 or 4. I didn't want a rotary vice I just wanted something that would hold a hook tight and this one worked great. Got the pedestal model and couldn't be happier.
  9. These bead chain streamers also work great using all flash type materials as well. No dubbing, just tinsel or flashabou wrapped around the hook for the body and krystal flash/tinsel/whatever for the tail and wing. Caught bass on these as well as bluegills and crappie in Florida.
  10. I make my ants in size 16 and just use dubbing and the really small, thin hackles at the bottom of a grizzly cape. Basically dub a bit fatter in the back, tie in the hackle, and a smaller bit up front. I make a rusty brown one, too, but that's not shown. This one the dubbing is a bit to on the bend of the hook but it'll still work fine. These aren't fished as a dropper I just fish single and mostly without an indicator. Total pain Seems like the hackles get destroyed more than the body. I also noticed when the hackle was mostly gone they didn't catch as well as with it there.
  11. That top one is really cool. Makes me wish I only made 1 larger middle segment on mine and not 2. What did you make the eyes with? Is it epoxy or stick on ?
  12. I am glad you like the wings. Filled up a bowl and tossed the cicada in and the wings look cool in the water. I was going to pick up some dryer sheets and cut them into wings but I was worried about breakage. Now I just have to make some red eyes.
  13. Re-worked my Cicada and came up with this which I like much better. Used a Size 8 scud hook. Bit overtied in the segments but this is just a test fly.
  14. Those rounded heads are pretty neat that both you guys did. I think I may work that into my cicada on the next one I try. I'm going to borrow the way you tied your hoppers, DenDuke, for my cricket fly. I like the two pieces of foam but I'll probably tie both on top of the hook to have a bit more hooking space. Have any pics of this fly ?
  15. This is going to be my grasshopper fly this year. Foam is 6mm(3 sheets glued). Also went with this flash material for wings instead hair. Have to get some olive foam to make one more batch up. I'm not sure if I should speckle them with brown or black marker to make them look a bit more natural. This is a prototype Cicada tied in a similar way to the other hopppers, just a bit larger. Hook is a sz 6 4xl streamer hook . Again, 6mm of foam. I thought about adding some orange foam to the bottom and just tying it in up front since the cicadas have the longer body.
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