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  1. I signed the one for Jack. Fishy is a great guy, a great artist and I learned a lot from Jack who was a friend of my father I've known him since I was like 4. Never had the pleasure of meeting Paul, but I did see the art.
  2. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Sean Juan: Syn-Squid
  3. It would probable ride hook point up if you trimmed the opposite side instead. Keep the material on the hook point side - this will create water resistance and keep the fly running true.
  4. Sean Juan


    I'd do a paper on "invasive species" there is a lot of research and you can go with a few different angles in your thesis. The best scientific paper would be one that focuses on a single stream, but since this is an English class you could also expand it to include stuff like Caine toads in the Outback or something. The issue is complex in that generally invasive species are bad, but not always, and more often than not the environment changes to accept them. Brown Trout in USA are an invasive species for instance. You also get to expand on the role of human stewardship of the environment which is a nice touch.
  5. Nice fly... Those saddles are tied in "Flatwing" style right? Layering bucktail beneath them is a pretty sweet idea.
  6. How well do the blades spin? Or do they just flutter? Reason I ask is that spinner baits and buzz baits have a heavy (often lead-headed) lure behind the blade to anchor it, the water resistance moves the buzzer or the blade, because it is anchored. A light fly does not seem capable of doing this...but maybe it could if its water resistance was greater than that of the blade. Have you guys leaded up the fly to create this effect? Are there only certain materials that will do it?
  7. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Sean Juan: Squidy
  8. So far my perfered why to use it is blended with other materials, especially the Steve Farrar blend material. Alone it works okay around a spreader. I've stopped thinking of it as a typical synthetic (Super Hair Unique Hair) and more as a slightly beefier Angel Hair.
  9. Mine goes back to High School... I went to a small Catholic school and with the exception of gym I was the only male in all of my classes. So every day at lunch I'd be in the cafe with my class and so it was me and a bunch of girls. My football coach used to be the cafeteria guard and took to calling me "Sean Juan" bastardization of "Don Juan" he even had it printed on my Varsity jacket.
  10. I bought some of this DNA stuff and I really like how it looks especially in the water. So far I've been using it primarily as a type of flash material to add a bit of color. I'd like to be able to use it to create the standard synthetic fiber baitfish patterns but so far I've had no luck building bulk with it. Anyone use this stuff, or blend it with another material?
  11. The ONLY person I've heard to have come up with any kind of chart was Bob Clouser. He said pertaining to clouser-style dumbells The Mini - 6wt The small - 8wt The medium - 10wt Now personally I think he's being light but I respect his experience. More important was the theme - use a bigger rod - match the rod to the fly not the fish. Thats something I do believe in. How much mass you can cast will depend on a number of factors - leader set up, the way the fly is built, fly line taper, your casting ability, and naturally your casting needs if you only need a 20' cast thats very different than casting 100'. The only way to know for sure is to try it.
  12. Technically you probably should have been yelling at him...or at least giving him the frowning of a lifetime. Ye Olden School fly fishing lore states quite emphatically that you are to work your way upstream - therefore if you were downstream you were fishing water that he had (persumably) already fished. If he was to move he would move upstream into fresh water than you had not impacted. If his intention was to move DOWNSTREAM then ZOUNDS the Izzak Walton Society should be notified at once. Common sense is the ultimate judge of course - and where you are is a huge variable - like I fish primarily open ocean beaches miles of water in both directions, people will routinely try to get in my waders. I used to get very angry, now I just pretend I have Tourette's, unless in mixed company then I pretend I'm Forrest Gump and start telling the most boring story I can in the most drawn out manner possible - you'd be disturbed by how often this plan backfires.
  13. Were you upstream or downstream of the guy? Not that it really matters in a practical sense, but the Little Miss Manners book of fly fishing would most likely state that if you were upstream of him you were wrong, downstream you were right. I find people have a harder time complaining if you hold their head underwater.
  14. I love those folded foam headed flies for stripers and pike. Just curious how you put them together, I use super glue and it works okay for a while but the durability is lacking.
  15. Its funny because I perfer the Saltwater coarse stuff and lately all I can find is the fine.... Unfortunately its a pack by pack basis just have to look at it like you would a bucktail.
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