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  1. The ONLY source I know of to get Eel skin is through Theo Bakelaar his e-mail is [email protected] Tell him Brad Wilson sent ya !
  2. :headbang: In the tying world today it is very hard to come up with new tying techniques as well as new material . Well I think Theo Bakelaar has introduced a new highly versatile material,Eel Skin ! And from there I have introduced some new Eel skin Realistic patterns. So far my Realistic flies are "Crayfish","Praying Mantis" and I am now working on a beetle made from Eel. Let me know of a insect that you might like me to copy and I will see what I can do. Peace & Happy tying " !
  3. Pic of one more of my Realistics. Hope you like it.
  4. :headbang: The International Flytying Symposium was as always, very good ! Some of the Worlds best tyers are there. Several over seas tyers were there also. Great to see what tyers are tying in other parts of the world . I tied some realistic Beetles as well as one of my Eel skin crayfish (which i traded with Theo Bakelaar from Holland for a bunch of select whole Eel skins ). It is always great to meet new people at these shows.
  5. :headbang: Thanks alot guys for the compliments ! I live in Northern Pennsylvania. Just got back from doing the International Fly tying Symposium. Love meeting new people ! I will send more pics,have a bunch more creepy crawlers ! Peace & Happy Tying
  6. It is made from Eel Skin And a few other synthetics. No baking. All hand painted.
  7. :headbang: Very nice flies ! Here is one of my "Eel Skin Crayfish", 7-8hr tying project
  8. :headbang: Very nice flies ! Here is some of my flies.
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