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  1. Hello My name is yen .sorry I'm very bad on english. I have Japan trip next 2 month . I will fo fly fishing at niigata. Niigata has a lot of stream with many fish. there are sample target that I want to cacth. Cherry salmon (trout) Yamame (trout) Iwana (trout) Amago (trout) Ochorokoma (trout) Ayu (salmonidae?trout?smelt?) Haze (goby) Rivertrout (trout) Aburahaya (smelt) Oikawa (grayling) Kawamussu (grayling) Rainbow trout (trout) Brown trout (trout) What fly should I have in my fly box to cacth these fish? It will better to have fly description. Select a set of fly for me .If it work I will post my fishing trip next time. Thank you for reply.
  2. Is anyone has bread fly picture and tying description ? It use for almost fish species in thailand!! Thank you for reply
  3. have any pattern is very easy to tie ? thank you for reply.
  4. hello , I want to know how long it diametre of egg fly 1cm 0.2cm 0.5cm or another size please , help!!! thank for replies
  5. In thailand flyfishing not have trouts in the country. in thailand hard to find information gamefish is carp , nile tirapia , java tirapia , barb , walking catfish and barramundi do you know how to cacth them? :baby: :baby: :baby:
  6. hello every one I'm come from thailand I'm 13 years old I'm new member
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