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  1. Thanks guys, and dont worry, the madness has all ready worked its way deep into my brain, and its even more exasperated by me locked on campus at the good old Citadel all week! haha it seems like every time im on leave, this is what im doin! love it.
  2. Had to let him eat it forever, almost 20 seconds! and i was casting from within some bushes, so literally all you could see was a hand whipping a rod back and fourth from the bushes... i almost fell in... but i knew i had him once i set the hook. I fought him for a few good minutes and got him up on the bank. Very satisfying feeling! I used a guadaloupe green that i tied under suggestion of @heavynets, thanks so much, the fly worked fantastically!
  3. or even better http://warmwaterflyfisher.com/flymonth/FOTM112005.htm are two good grass carp flys. Thanks! I didnt catch a carp, but the guadalupe green caught me a nice 4ish lb largemouth, first fish ever on a hand tied fly! ill have a picture up soon
  4. I cant find find any fly recipes for imitating seeds or grass, for carp fishing. I could probably do something simple but does anyone have any ideas to make it particularly scrumptious looking?
  5. thanks guys, both RIT and Dharma were really great help!
  6. What is a good resource for obtaining dyes for coloring tying materials? Also any tips on well priced resources would be greatly appreciated as well, thanks.
  7. A single olive marabou feather and some red deer body hair
  8. I totally agree with the general consensus. I even try to steer clear of fake hair! I am very traditional in alot of stuff i do, and to me these things seem like cheating, but i still would be indifferent if someone else wanted to use them. For example i shoot a recurve bow and am fine with the fact that 85% of the rest of the archers out there shoot compounds.
  9. I have a dog. A 111 pound dog, named max, short for Maximum. I love and he is my best friend, but dadgum, my bed room carpet is white where he sleeps with how much he sheds. So today, I decided to put it to good use. I tied a fly with it! I even made dubbing out of some of his fuzzy fur. So have yall tied any flies using unorthadox materials or methods? Here's the fly, and here is my closest and most loving friend:
  10. Is that a buttercup hen? I had a few of those once, they are the sweetest hens to ever lay an egg!
  11. Max, my 111 pound, goofy white lab, and best friend ever pretty much follows me everywhere and anywhere, but he takes a special shine to my fly tying. He is very intrigued by what could possibly be making my hand spin to darn fast! Fortunately i taught him well enough not to get into hides when i started tanning them so that the Borax didnt make him sick. So he doesnt really get into my materials ever, but just earlier today i tied a fly with all the hair he sheds! He will be forever with me now, haha. This is a picture of Max and his fly.
  12. Thanks guys for all the positive renforcement, i just put up a couple of other flies i tied this weekend too. let me know what you think! thanks so much. -Will
  13. First fly, what do yall think? Also, sorry the photo is sideways.. im not sure why that happened.
  14. If you had to pick one or two pieces of fly fishing wisdom that you consider crucial to learning the art to pass down to the next generation of fly fisher, what would it be? As simple as it is, here is mine; remember you are not throwing the fly as much as you are laying the line on the water. Thats what I was told that really helped me get my technique down.
  15. How do you look at the flies that you have bookmarked?
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