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  1. Will, You are very Kind to put all effort out that you do for everyone here!!!! Hope your feeling Well these days And Thank you for letting me be part of the voting !!!! And for ALL you Tyers: You guys done a Very Fine job on your Tying skills !!!!! Your all Very Talented
  2. Will, From Texas, Hope you have a Peaceful and Speedy recovery
  3. Thanks Joe and to you as well Will -- That was cool
  4. Well fellas I want to Thank all the crew here for havin me in the contest - I must say it was big fun.... I received a $25.00 gift certificate from J Stockard and went ahead and added $33.00 to it and got a Crease Fly Cutter Kit - It came in today ........ Again -> Thank you Will - Crew and the Kind crew of J Stockard for the Certificate and having me and for all the Kind Votes on my Little Fat Buddy Frog
  5. Will, Thank you Kind Sir for your hard work :headbang: You have put out alotta effort to make sure you put warmth in all of our Hearts and Wind beneath our wings--------> Thank you Will I hope someday to be-able to do sompthin for you and your Crew cuz you guys have done all this for people you don't even know like me for instance :dunno: I bet everyone here feels the same as I do about this and Appreciate your thoughtfullness ......... My Hat's off to you and the Crew ------ Thats my story and I'm stickin to it ........
  6. Howdy folks; Congratulations to all you Guys; Did any of you winners Win a prize or anything for winning in your category?????? I havent seen anything posted about a prize for the Top water and streamer etc.. and curious.. :dunno:
  7. Thank you for the kind welcome - Sorry it took me so long -- Just havent scrolled here much since I 1st registered Lotta ground to cover here -
  8. Howdy Gordon, Glad to see your Post. Gentlemen,- Ladies,-> Meet a good Friend of mine - This is Gordon Kemler from Colorado Custum Tackle in Golden, Colorado
  9. Me too Utkin your Enlish spellin is just fine don't yoo worry ---....--->>> but what in the heck was all the above stuff????? That looks perty cool -->> what did you say ???? Mucho Congratulations From West Texas man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :headbang:
  10. There are some Awesome Fly Tyin individuals on this here Forum --> Way~ta~go Gentlemen :headbang:
  11. Will --->>>> That was plum Arnree ---- :yahoo: Thanks -- It was very exillerating to see my Little Fat Frog had made it to the winners circle ---> Thanks to everyone and Congrats to all category winners :yahoo: Do we get a free Fly in Canada all expences paid trip to fish anywhere ????? and maybe an Old Town 15 foot canoe :dunno: :hyst: for you bein so arnree :yahoo:
  12. :yahoo: Man~o~Man --> Thank you guys for the Votes on My Little Fat Frog --->>> I am shocked to even see it posted up there --> I was so disapointed when I did'nt see it posted in Round 2 - I did'nt expect to win and I just want you guys to know that I Appreciate your Votes from the bottom of my heart!!! I named the Little Fat Buddy-Minnow and the Frog after my Nephew that is now Passed away a couple of years ago in his Memory---> When he was 4 or 5 years old, he was real skinny and I would tease him by callin eem "My Little Fat Buddy" Congratulations to all the Winners in this Cool-Cool Competition :headbang: Will, you and your Crew are Awesome Man -->> Thank you for haven me and for puttin up with me..... All the flies that were entered were Winners in my eyes
  13. Manitou, Thats what I'm talkin about --> Them there are some Nice Fish <-->Yep I Dream about what the Line sounds like zippin thru the water when one~a~them Brutes gets ta haulin a**.....Man~o~Man -- Maybe someday I can have the opportunity to Fish in Canada -- I want one on the wall or even a Replica would be Cool ..... Were useing the Mighty Mouse for these Essox ?? Cheers My Friend
  14. Yep --> Utkin --> Ya Done a Fine FINE Job And To All you other Guys---> My Hat's Off to you as well!!!!! Thanks Will and Everyone involved for Dooin all you do --> You Gentlemen are Simply Awesome!!!!!!!
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