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  1. K.I.S.S. keep it simple stupid. I think it is a great looking fly. 1) it looks very easy to tie. 2) it does not matter what we think, it matters what the fish think. that said, if it works it will truly be a great fly. easy to tie and works great. Although I think it would be better on bass or pickrel. But like I said it does not matter what I think it matters what the fish think.
  2. I voted and was it ever hard. So to help me, I voted on flies that I thought would catch fish. So I only voted in the catorgories that I fish in. Execpt for the rockies I had to vote for those. I mean after all thats what fly tying is all about. Making a fly to catch fish. Anyways all of the flies were very well tied and the voting was close in all catagories. I want to thank everyone for tying such wonderfull looking flies. And good luck to everyone.
  3. I my years of fishing I have learned that fishing just befor the storm comes in is the best. Now I think that the baromater would be falling at that time because a low pressure system is moving in. Along with the rain. So when I watch the weather and the man says it's gona rain on wed. am. I will do my best to go fishing on tues. evening. That has been my experience. Of course you know nothing works all of the time.
  4. I live in north central Maine, near Mt. katahdin. I have never heard of a slim jim pattern. It sounds to me to be a local patern I will ask some of my friends if thay have ever heard of it.
  5. I have been trying to tie the second pic of the dragon fly for a year now. I have not done a very good job of it. I will be intersting to see what you guys come up with. I will try to send you a pic of the one I have stashed in my bench soon.
  6. paulN


    hi I'm paulN I live in maine and I just joined this forum. I have been tying flys for many years. I have been getting back into fly fishing again the past few years. (and tying too) I can't belive all the new products and materials there are today. I have been learning more about the sport than ever. one of my problems is how to fish a fly or nymph the proper way. some bugs crawl on the bottom some swim ect. ect. I hope to learn a lot from you guys and gals. And add my two cents worth too. It's going to be a long winter I can only dream of fishing for the next 5 months.
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