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  1. Some of you will remember I joined 32 swaps and hosted 9 a while back. I really enjoyed trying new patterns and just sending the flies to other people had me strive to do better every time. It was always a kick getting a dozen or so flies and see what everyone had done. Some were great, and some not, but you could tell everyone did their best. I remember the first one I hosted, it was something seeing files from 12 tyers and mixing them up! So to sum it up, I liked it, it made me pay attention to what I was doing and inspired me to try new flies. It's a great thing to do. Don
  2. You keep them, if you will fish with them.
  3. alexsalmon I love good fishing flies, I am looking forward to trying yours. I'm sure the fish don't care, but I got bored. Probably yours will put more fish on the line than mine. I just hope someone throws them in the water! longzero12 - Thanks - Can't wait to see yours.
  4. Nomad, Glad you enjoyed the pattern any extra's are for you. riffleriversteelheadslayer they kick! Let me know how you do with them.
  5. This is the box of flies, sorry about the focus. This is a couple tied on a longer hook.
  6. Your fly looks great, I'm sure you'll get fish with it. I agree it looks overdressed to me too. Nice thing about fish is they don't care about a thread out of place or a little too much dressing, or do they?
  7. The Crayfish are on the way. Let me know when you get them.
  8. Got one left to make so an address would be a good thing. Ultra suede is a trip to the fabic store. I have seen some fly shops carry small pieces but the fabic store is a better deal. Thanks
  9. dsaavedra The top of the fly and the claws are made from Ultra Swede. I'll work on getting a receipe together. Got another 5 flies with claws in place this morning, as you might guess this pattern takes some time to tie.
  10. Thanks for the comments. With this one soak the fly 10 min before you use it. The tail is weighted, and the front body has float foam to get the fly standing up on it's tail. Everyone's fly looks great, it will be fun trying them out.
  11. This is the Bug I am working on.
  12. You guys are way ahead of me! Got three done and 7 part done. I'm sure I'll be done in time. Threader
  13. I'm In! I'll clear the bench and get started.
  14. Cool bug! June 30th is too soon to get it done, so I'll have to pass.
  15. Hey guys, too busy, but I am trying to finish them up tonight. Don't get um in time they are all yours Justin! In the mail 5/3.....
  16. Got a mess of Elk hair. Guess I'll do something with it. I'm IN Don
  17. Got mine last night, great flies everyone, Thanks for hosting Justin
  18. Packed up and ready to go, just love the usps this time of year!
  19. The bad part about buying a existing shop. Old inventory. Blue sky, paying for the existing customer base, and name. Old displays, etc. I like the new shop and some good marketing.
  20. trout travler Thank you for the comments. Very glad you like them. Don't feel bad your flies look fantastic! :yahoo: You use these for Steelhead? Bass?
  21. Trout Traveler Hope you like my set as well, keep me posted.
  22. Great, we know where it goes! :headbang: Sorry, a lot going on the last few weeks. Never did that before. There was only one tupperware container so it's fish`n feind's.
  23. Fly Time - R Gregg A - R Flytime - R flytire - R blackotter - R bamboo - R Sullytm - R Big Todd - R Jon Boy - R -------------------------- down2earthlv - IN Just to be sure I got everything where it belongs let me know when you get your flies. Thanks Everyone Big Todd, I used lead tape on mine.
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