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  1. I attended the Ohio CFR retreat 2 weeks ago. It was great to see the ladies' reactions to their fly boxes--they were amazed at the bugs they received! I know you guys were helping out another CFR chapter, but I'm sure they were just as delighted to receive such a cool gift. Thanks!
  2. I use a Peak vise--it works for just about anything I need. For the price, you cannot beat it!
  3. I'm just getting started at this, but I'm pretty happy with this guy. It's an Adams wannabe--the abdomen is goose biot, the tail is mallard feather (I think), it has a brown hackle, and fluffy grizzly maribou wings. I was copying a fly a tyer gave me at our local fly tying show last week.
  4. I have to admit I am beyond a newbie...I have not fly fished yet, but I received a fly rod for Christmas this year. Once the weather breaks, and I can get some instruction, I should be able to get out on the local river and try things out. In the meantime, I have been trying my hand at tying flies, and I have found it to be a great little diversion. I'm really impressed with some of the things you guys are tying! Good thing I have a new hobby...they're calling for another 4-6 inches of snow tomorrow night.
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