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  1. I'm in, not sure what yet but I have an idea. Kevin
  2. Mine didn't come with a DVD. It would have been nice. Kevin Sorry Kevin, wrong book, this is the one I was thinking about Is that the one you said I could borrow? Kevin
  3. Mine didn't come with a DVD. It would have been nice. Kevin
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/BrxZ9HqjkbE/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=z94kpzp9g2sk I got a early Christmas present today I ordered this book and wasn't expecting it until after Christmas. Kevin
  5. Buying that book is not on my list. If you do know a good starter book that would be helpful. Kevin
  6. Question for all. I want to learn how to tye classic salmon flies. I know there are a lot of expensive materials I will need. What can I substitute for now and what are a must have to start with? Kevin
  7. Well we should meet and do some fishing. I'm in Jeannette. Kevin
  8. Nice fish. That may have been my fly. I'm not sure. Kevin
  9. Welcome to the site. What part of PA? I'm in Westmoreland Co. Kevin
  10. I have gotten stuff from them before. I'm also looking for other places people like. Kevin
  11. I want to tye more tube flies. What "system" or company do you like to us? I do like the look and action of the soft cone heads. Also how many of you use tubes that don't use a spey rod to swing flies? Kevin
  12. Thanks good to see it back. Edit: I tried it and it didn't work for me so maybe I'm doing something wrong!
  13. Good to see their making it home. Thanks for joining Kevin
  14. All the flies are in and I will get them out early this week. Thanks everyone. Kevin
  15. I will let you know when they come. Kevin
  16. One set still out, I sent a PM. If I don't hear back in a few days I will box up what I have and return one of your own back to you and finish the swap. Kevin
  17. I got a set in with no name one the flies. The Zip code is 12205. Who is this please? Kevin
  18. What kind of swap would you like to get into? Mine is winding down. Kevin
  19. I got 2 sets in today. Fisherboy0301 and dflanagan well done on both. Kevin
  20. looks good. I don't put eyes on mine and they have worked so far. Kevin
  21. Due date 31 May,2018 how are you guys doing with your flies? Kevin
  22. Mike I'm glad its working. If you find something I need to change please let me know. Kevin
  23. I have been looking in to getting a action camera. The main things it will be used for is hunting and fishing. What do you use, and likes and dislikes would help me also. Kevin
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