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  1. I have found that Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue works gangbusters. You can get it at any craft store for a couple of bucks. I also know alot of guys that use Tear Mender and they swear by it.
  2. Hey Guys, Mine are going in the mail today. Those flies that Mike has already recieved look great!! Wish mine could compare. Sorry if mine are a little sub-par but I just started tying parachutes for this swap. If any of you guys have any comments on how I can make them any better after you have recieved them please post because I could use the suggestions.
  3. #18 Pheasant Tail #16 or #14 Yellow Humpy Had more damn luck with those two flies!
  4. I'll get in on some of that! How about an Adam's?
  5. Awesome! Finally made my first swap! I think I will do an olive bite-me-bugger if thats cool.
  6. I would have to agree with some of the other posts here, they seem to be more for the human eye. I have never really tied any but it seems to me that what they lack is the ability to mimic any natural movements that some more classic patterns acomplish. When you use all the epoxy it seems that it would stiifen up they fly more like a stick than a jointed nimble insect. They are really sweet though and it never ceases to amaze me with what people can tie up.
  7. Those were some great flies! I must say I found it real hard to judge, hell I want some of them to frame for my tying room.
  8. I would say mine would be the real small stuff, at least thats what all my friends always make me tie up for them.
  9. I tied exclusively with the Dai-Riki hooks for the last couple of years and never had a problem. I have probably gone through about 300 of the 305’s and they did what they were supposed to; catch fish! I switched to Tiemcos recently because I think they have a better variety of styles and they seem to have a more consistent step between sizes. You cant beat 50 hooks for six bucks!
  10. How about tie not tye. I don't spell reals good!
  11. Hello everyone, Newbie to the forum here and I just wanted to say hello. Dont know what to say other than I love to tye and fish and look forward to the wealth of information that can be had from the forums. Who knows maybe someday I can add something here myself. Cheers
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