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  1. Kind words from you all, thanks..... //Mårten
  2. Thanks to all of you, it's great to get some nice feedback of the work I do. This photosession took me 14 days to shoot. And I shot about 2000 pictures, to get maybe 50 great shots. //Mårten
  3. Well Kirk it's quite simple, I'm standing on a bridge above the water. I shoot the pictures in a 45 degrees angle with a Nikkor AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor ED 200-400mm f/4 IF lens. The rest is pure luck..... Next year I'm thinking about, to take a ladder with me.. //Mårten
  4. Thanks guys!!! //Mårten
  5. Hallo. Manage to take some nice pictures of rising trout... Check it out.. Regards Mårten Lindhé http://www.xtremeflyfishing.se/
  6. It's Mayfly time in Sweden and I captured this Mayflies at homewater. Regards Mårten Lindhé xtremeflyfishing.se
  7. Thank you Graham!! The bidoz body is a new concept and it's fast and easy tying. It really sinks like a rock and you can catch the fish really deep. Check out my website, it's in Swedish but the tying recipes are in English. www.xtremeflyfishing.se Regards Mårten Lindhé
  8. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by morten: ML's Bidoz Larvae
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