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  1. got em in the mail today. Great job all Tight Lines
  2. #18 parachute adams. It slightly resembles too many insects not to have a few in your box.
  3. Threader, Keep my extras. Thanks for hosting the swap. Tight Lines
  4. This sounds great. I am in. Midnight Hollowfleye
  5. A real big part of making them look right is just selecting the right dubbing. When I pick out dubbing I like something with a bunch of guard hairs. So squirrel or a synthetic blend. If you want to use a soft dubbing try it in a dubbing loop. When you go to put the dubbing in the loop, Pinch it tightly in your fingers and pull it out. This will orient the fibers in one direction. Lie the perpendicular to your waxed thread and just stick them in there till you have enough. Then pull your thread tight with no twist and trim to the length you want the body. Your scissors will have to have a nice edge for this to work Dubbing a little looser than you normally would makes a difference. Something else you might want to try is to pick all the dubbing out before you put the back on or rib it. the trick I have found here is to wiggle your rib back and forth when you wrap it forward. This will make it trap less hairs as you wrap forward. Just a Trick with ostrich herl, when you tie in add a small piece of mono thread and twist the mono and herl together before you wrap it. This makes for a pretty durable fly. TIght Lines
  6. Anybody know what the story with this swap is?
  7. Got mine in the mail today. Great job all.
  8. Living in limestone country we fish alot of scuds of all sorts. Still it seems that a staple in all the shops and alot of boxes is a muskrat nymph. All it is is grey muskrat dubbing wrapped on hook in an oval shape. You might want to try squirrel dubbing for a buggier look. Thats about as simple as it gets and its effective.
  9. If it is okay I have flies tied I just need an address to send them too. Tight Lines
  10. something I do when tying small soft hackles is to strip the fibers off the stem so all the tips are even. Measure them the length of the shank and tie them on just behind with the tips facing over the eye. tie the rest of your fly and then to finish stroke the fibers back over the body and build a head infront. You can move the fibers all around the hookshank with your thumbnail or you can spin them around the shank with your thread when you tie them on. Hope that helps Tight Lines Chris
  11. it might be cheating but a long, fine leader and bounce a leech or bluegill pattern over the red.
  12. chris helms whitetail supply has Gudebrod GX2 and probably any advice about any other thread for spinning
  13. I know it might be a little late and you might have gotten some flies already, but since you had one guy drop care if I hop in?
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