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  1. ...anyone doing Gisele may still be a god .... :dunno: anyway....It is an honor to talk to one of the greatest fly tyers in the world.... kudos
  2. Poughkeepsie.......? I thought I was the only one..... THE PO-TOWN PIMPS ARE REPPIN' LARGE ....YO!
  3. Jeffs' Nymph O


    I know there aren't too many Wappingers Creek guys out there....... but this needs to be posted....... :bugeyes: THE NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS !!!!!!! :bugeyes: YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Nice job......looks good to me.... Unfortunatly, with this :butt: hole weather we're having. It may screw up one of the GREATEST TIMES OF ANYONES LIFE.....EVER......I have become an athiest......Why would any merciful god let The Hendrickson hatch get screwed up?....... I must be a complete idiot.....My existence in April and May is measured by bugs .....fooking bugs ....Ya get that, BUGS ......Any normal person would just swat them. The person sitting next to them would then ask "What was that?" to which He would anawer "I don't know, It was just some friggin' bug." Yet, I find myself sloshing around in the 33 degree stream looking for bugs that aren't even there yet..... WTF........
  5. .... .....My streamers are beautiful.........my nymphs are unstoppable......(thanks to you guys) I need a hellbound hackler to heal my helpless hackling hump :baby: ....I guess my dry flies are OK ....but I would love to hear any and all advice :dunno: ....also, I thank all of you .....I don't post often.... but I read this board all the time and I have gained a lifetimes worth of knowledge ....thanks guys
  6. Exellent .....Thank you all.... awesome, I am now tying fishable nyphhs Deek & Al,.....that Flexament really worked great. Not only did help solve my width issue but it created a beautiful sheen (Deek) and a nice contrast between the abdomen and the casing..... Unfortunatly, with the weather lately, you could probably brew a cup of tea in most of our streams here in the Northeast so I guess I'll have to wait 'til Sept. to see how they fish..... :dunno: ......but they look good Thanks again
  7. Thanks for the advice guys, I apologize for the belated gratitude. .....Shortly after I posted my question I got a phone call telling me that a huge project at work got pushed foward and needed to be attended to STAT... I have just gotten back to my bench after a crazy couple of weeks at work. .....anyway, thanks fellas... I'm sure this advice will help (as always)
  8. :baby: I'm attempting to tie nymphs. Any nymphs really. I am just concerned with learning proper techniques at this point . As far as I can judge I am learning quickly and have gotten pretty adept at many of the basics. There is, however, one consistant "flaw" in every nymph I have tied. My wing casings always end up too narrow. I guess my question is Is there a way to " flare out" the material to create a wider case. I've tried flattening it with my finger as I am tying it off but it always seems to "cinch" back up. I'm thinking I need to have a "flatter" thus wider bunch of fibers before folding it over but dont' know how to achieve this. I have tied them using different techniques I have seen on the internet and Al Beatty's (posted on this board) seems to be the one I like the best but I am still having this same problem. Maybe I'm just tying things too tightly.......... I don't know :dunno: BTW, the nymphs I am tying seem very fishable except for this one problem. So I am kinda anxious to resolve this.....
  9. You know what the funniest part of this thread is ? He probably could have asked any women......." Hey honey, how do you thin this shiz" .......... She would have then handed him a bottle and said " Here..... (idiot).........try not to spill any on the floor".... DOH
  10. Why go through the trouble of taking necessary precautions if precautions aren't necessary. If I am trying to thin nail polish....I would try nail polish thinner.(acetone) I am not trying to be an a$$ here. It just seems to me to be a good place to start.
  11. I still say nail polish thinner is your best bet. It is probably just acetone. I really don't know all that much about nail polish, per se, but I do know enough about Toulene. I do custom woodworking for a living and very rarely do I ever have to resort to Toulene and I'm talking about industrial finishes. I find hard to believe that you won't find a less volatile chemical to reduce nail polish. Buy a small bottle of the nail polish thinner, or better yet plain acetone, it will cost less and I am positive it will work. Stay away from Toulene, even laquer thinner for that matter, it is loaded with methylene chloride, a known carcinagen as stated previously, and will stink up your whole house. Acetone will dissapate quickly, it won't stink up the house and probably won't effect drying time all that much. Not to mention it is a much milder chemical (women soak thier hands in the stuff)
  12. They sell nail polish thinner. I would imagine its in with the nail polish at the local drug store. The ex used to have that stuff all over the house.
  13. Thanks for all the advice guys. Any and all help is greatly appreciated I guess what you guys are saying is that I will be better served in buying better quality basic tools and then buying materials on a per need basis..........makes sense, I'm glad I asked.
  14. First, I would just like to say I love this message board. I have been fly fishing for years and I am always looking foward to learning anything I can, as we all are, being a student of this great sport and art. The comraderie and willingness to share knowledge on this forum is phenomenal. You just don't find that too often anymore. I found these boards while surfing flyfishing sites and now read them daily. I have learned so much already. Thank You all Anyway, I'm looking to get started in the next phase of my "education" and would like some advice from you guys. I actually bought a "cheapo" beginners kit from the local sporting goods store a few years ago and did learn some of the basics but never really had the time to persue it further. I would like to get back into it and I'm not really sure what is the best way to go about it. Like I said, I have a limited knowledge of the basics but I probably need to kinda start fom scratch at this point. I would like to learn while also tying some functional flies. I saw the "beginner's kit" on the J. Stockard site and that seems a logical place to start. I don't know? I just figured I'd ask some of you pros before I shelled out the cash. :dunno:..........books ? ...........vids?..........Any help would be much appreciated :baby: Al Beatty's beginners vid is pinned as a topic so I will assume that is a good start.
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