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  1. JSzymczyk .........LOL ........... Actually I have an old orange " trauma box " I used when I was taking tying classes & sessions at a local TU......... but I commute and lugging that thing is a bit of a chore, I have a great Ralph Lauren " toiletries kit" That I was re-gifted ( Ha , I knew what I was going to use that for Aunt Anne! ) Makes a PERFECT portable tying kit....... We use jump BAGS now, backpacks, climbing up a tower crane or to a steel erectiing floor 80 stories with something in your hands can give you " vertigo" among other things ! Actually right under my nose I have the "Essential Trout Flies " book by Dave Huges,so im going to work my way through it ......... Unfortunately we expect to get a bit busy by June when the three tower cranes get here from Europe , so times a wastin ! Again Thanks for all you input WJM NYC
  2. I am a retired Paramedic , who now works at LARGE constuction projects in almost the same capacity........ ........so its a good thing to have " down time".....! I work 10 to 14 hours a day depending on whats going on, yes we do see hard hats daily, but in between there is just so many books , magazines and videos to look at. And we do continue training , but again there is a lot of time in between............... So to be more constructive , I am going to start tying some flies , but I have an idea at this point what to start tying, Thanks for all your input WJM NYC
  3. Hi I have a lot of down time right now at my job, I will be bringing in a small tying kit that I will be putting togeter. My question is has anyone ever put a list together of flies that use the same ,or most of the same material for each of those flies. This way I do not have to take more then I need into work, ..........then tie a bunch of flies with that " dry:hackle .threads hooks , etc" then create another bunch for another time ( nymphs: beads) , so forth...... Just curious , I have been genrating a small list so far ,,, but someone at the FlyFishing show mentioned he had seen something in that regard n the net. Thanks , I will share it if I find it!
  4. [font="Comic Sans MS] Hi I have seen the emails ,and wished .......but just haven't had the time to tie..... I retired as a paramedic in NYC " ,,,( yes I was there), after just about 30 years, and would like to start tying again I considered my self an "above average beginner to intermediate tyer" hey ,....... they caught fish for sure! ...and my wife has built a fire under me , by purchasing a Renzetti vise after I ogled it at Cabellas...... I'm rusty...need a little coaching ........ is there a group or club that meets to tie in the Central New jersey area ? Im in Middletown,.,,,, and we own a p/t embroidery business as well... so who needs caps !!!??/
  5. Hi Yas ... Im Wally, Im a NYC Paramedic,( Yea I was there......)...Havent touched fly to water , or tied a fly in about 10 years since my wife became ill......... although I have been pining to get back into ,there was always something that seemed to get on the way.......shes disabled now , but a great gal.............. Well, my wonderful wife remembered I had always wanted a Renzetti vise,,how she remembered after all these years is beyond me. well. I have one now,, and recently picked up a few Tying and fly fishing mags. and MAN AM I OUT OF THE LOOP!!! I always considered myself an intemedite tyer, but would like to take a few classes to get back into the ''Cast" of things Im looking for classes in the cen NJ area , if anyone knows of any., look for me on the water this spring to. Im the guy that will be casting and looking up at the same time............... thanks Wally
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