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  1. Thanks. More suggestions are welcome.
  2. I'm looking for a saltwater streamer hook that's a little cheaper than TMC 777sp,but has the same profile. Any suggestions?
  3. Just received the new set of jaws I ordered online. There's a world of difference between the two. So when I get the others back that I send in to Dyna-King, then I'll have a set in spare. Not bad. :-)
  4. It's in the groove. Can't place it differently in the groove since it locks around the hook.
  5. Yep, something is definitely wrong with the jaws. If you look a few post up, you can read that I have been contacted by Dyna-King. I should not be experiencing the problems I have.
  6. Couldn't help it. I hope you know i was joking
  7. It's something everybody should know about
  8. What do you think about these profile plates? Do you like them? Do they make your tying easier?
  9. Isn't everything pretty much invented? Aren't we more or less just making variants of existing flies that we think is original, which is then a variant of another dudes fly? Whos the inventer here? :-)
  10. I hear you. It was first when i noticed the hook was sliiping up that i did this extensive testing and found that this was not as it supossed to be.
  11. I was contacted by Dyna King about an hour ago. I should not be experiensing the problems i'm having with the jaws. I'm sending them in to either be replaced or repaired. Now i just need them to get back with me, so i can get the details.
  12. I have thought about it. The wear in. But i have never heard that about Dyna King. Only Anvil vises. I am scared that i'm putting too much pressure on the jaws, even as i tie the flies now. But i have never used a dyna king before, so i'm kind of in a trial & error thing. I just don't want to damage the vise.
  13. Yep. No problem. For some reason it seems that it's getting better holding power? It's black inside the grooves, but i have worned some of it off because of all the experimenting with how tight it needed to be to not move when tying. I have bend and broke a couple of hooks in it to see how tight it needed to be to hold the hooks rock solid. The hooks move a few millimeters before they snap or bend completely when pressing up on the hooks. The don't seem to move at all when pressing down. Sometimes the cam lever feels like i need to use some force to get it locked and sometimes it doesn't need that much force. It's confusing.
  14. I thought it was supposed to sit in the groove? I think the key is lacking contact or preasure? Size 6 is not that large a hook. I'll have to experiment a bit at home on mine too see where the sweet spot is on a similiar hook, but I would just use the front part of the jaws if it slides in the groove. I usually do not use the grooves until I get a much bigger hook (2/0). Doesn't work. I have cranked the preassure so tight i had to use 2 hands to close the jaws. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rScGhEhfitI
  15. Sorry, forgot to put the diagram in. clamp point.jpg You can easily push this hook up, but it will be much harder to push down. It's seated in the front groove, following the groove, if that makes sense?
  16. I thought it was supposed to sit in the groove? I think the key is lacking contact or preasure?
  17. It holds the hooks okay, but still the same problem. I think I'll get some spare jaws, so I don't have to wait if I need to send them in.
  18. Yep. I followed the steps on the video on Dyna King website.
  19. I have contacted Dyna King, but haven't heard from them. I think I'll contact the dealer too. Something must be wrong with the jaws. At one point it's tight enough, take out the hook, put it back in and then it slips again when pushing up on the hook. Just weird.
  20. I have tried adjusting the tension on the cone, but it need to be quite tight for the cam to lock before the hook slipping stops.
  21. Exactly! But the weird thing is that a size 6 TMC 777 will do the same and it's thicker in wire.
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