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  1. Tied my first couple of flies. Took a stab at the old reliable Brassie. First one I completely messed up (still saved it though for nostalgia purposes). Second one was good, but I wasn't too happy with the "tightness" of the copper wire. My third one turned out pretty good! I attached a picture, but I'm afraid the quality isn't the best. The one on the left was my second fly, and the third is on the right. I tied several more since these. I used black Dubbing for some and others I used Peacock Herls. Dubbing was (for me) much easier to work with, but I like how the herls look better. Anyway, I'm loving it!
  2. I was there. Of course I just saw this message now! I wish I saw this earlier. I would have loved to see you tie; as well as shared a drink afterwards!
  3. Yesterday, I attended the Fly Fishing Show in Lancaster Pennsylvania. I found myself attracted to all the fly tiers who where lined around the walls. I walked the isles watching as they tied their flies. I had my head down as I passed each station looking in fascination as these people created such beautiful flies. I was walking by one station when I heard the man behind the table say, "Are you a tier?" I looked up to find a friendly gentleman with a smile on his face, tying a beetle. I chuckled and explained to him that I'm in the beginning stages and am going to give it my best shot. He began to give me advice; like not to go a buy material, just to "buy" it. Stick to lots of black and whites. He told me to make sure I buy the best vise I can afford and he said if I don't remember anything else he told me, he said to keep control with the the thread, as he showed me by using his blobbin close to the hook. He continued giving me advise as he finished the beetle, put it in a container and handed it to me. He asked me to give it a try and email him to let him know how it worked. He told me that above all else, you'll never forget that feeling of catching that fish with a fly that you tied. He gave a great impression. His name is Bruce Corwin. Check out his web page www.brucecorwin.com
  4. Yes, Thank you! I think this is the best way to go at this time and I am now in the process of searching clubs out in my area.
  5. Welcome! I would recommend you start with either the wooly bugger or hare's ear nymph. Google each of these with "step by step" and you will find good videos and pictures. Focus on the technique. Maybe even before you begin work on how to start the thread- again check you tube. Enjoy! PS- keep some of your first flies around, its a good reminder of progress. Thank you!
  6. Thanks for the tip. I will be fishing mostly for trout on streams, small river. I'm in Northeast PA so I have a large amount of options for bodies of water full of nice trout.
  7. Thanks for the tip. I will be fishing mostly for trout on streams, small river. I'm in Northeast PA so I have a large amount of options for bodies of water full of nice trout.
  8. Ok, I just received my new/first fly kit.... where to I start? Vise appears to be good and solid. Lots of materials to work with; blended rabbit, wooley bugger legs, nice assortment of dubbing, Koseir (not sure what this is), hackles, and so on and so on.... Where do I start?
  9. Boy I have a lot to learn
  10. Thanks guys. I appreciate the help!
  11. Hello all: I'm brand new. I've been reading up on fly tying since I started fly fishing. I think it's time for me to give it a try. Any advice on a good beginner vise? Not look to spend a lot of money; in case I find tying's not for me. Thank you!
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