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  1. Sounds like fun. If you make it back up, give me a shout. Maybe we could spend a Saturday morning wetting a line. Mike
  2. Thanks for the replies. No pics, but I'm suspecting the hackle is probably too small and too sparse. The tails were not split very wide either. I only treated the wing post with floatant as I wanted the body to sink through the film and ride just under it. Mike
  3. Tried using some parachutes I had tied this past Saturday. They would land and flop over so they would drift on their side. Obviously something is not right. Too heavy of a wing post? What could cause a parachute to flop over like that? Any ideas to help improve my future parachutes? Thanks, Mike
  4. I'm a CPA. There are a few exceptions to the 10% penalty for early withdrawl. If you'd like a more complete description of the exceptions, shoot me an e-mail and I'll forward them to you. On the flipside, it's very difficult NOT to get the child tax credit as long as you have qualifying children. I'd be curious as to why the software is disallowing the credit. Mike
  5. I noticed in the pics the plow hadn't been by yet. I like seeing the one shovel at the ready that someone left in the snowbank by the street. Shoveling is good exercise. You must be in great shape up there in Newfoundland. Mike
  6. I stopped in between the 2ns and 3rd period of the Red Wings game tonight (ugh - they looked totally gassed). The chat room worked good. Several real nice folks in there too Mike
  7. Welcome. Glad you found the site. Mike
  8. I roast my own coffee, so usually it's whatever I roasted in the last few days. Lately I've had some very nice Ethiopian Harrar and some Sulawesi Toraja. Should get a new shipment of Columbian Supremo, Costa Rica Tarrazu and India Elkhill Estate next week. Beer makes me too sleepy to tie, though I do occasionally enjoy a Guiness or a Sam Adams. Mike
  9. Welcome. Growing up in Minnesota and now living in northern Michigan, I am familiar with the hard water issue caused by frozen lakes. Never got into ice fishing though. We just played hockey on them. We're glad to have you here. Mike
  10. We have a lot of those mussels in our local lakes. It's a good sign for the lakes apparently as that must mean the water quality is pretty good. Maybe racoons eat them? The mussels are shallow enough for my four year old to inspect when we're at the beach, so 'coons must be able to get at them. Mike
  11. Looks good. The important thing is to just keep at it. Mike
  12. Welcome. Rochester is quite nice. I lived in that vicinity for many years before moving to Michigan. Mike
  13. Welcome. This is a great place to accelerate the learning curve. Mike
  14. I use Ultra, Uni and Danville in varying sizes for different jobs. All seem to work well. I started with a Cabela's kit and the first thing I did was switch to a standard Griffin bobbin. Breakage went way down after that. I only use the Cabela's bobbin for tinsel and wire now. It works good for that. Mike
  15. Looks like a heat wave's coming on Saturday. Better get the A/C ready. Mike
  16. That skip looks nice and it seems like an easy one to tie as well. Here is another one to try. It's Ray Schmidt's marabou crawfish: HOOK: Daiichi 1710 size 4 THREAD: (Hard Shell) 3/0 olive mono cord (Soft Shell) 3/0 white mono cord WEIGHT: Presentation lead barbell eyes CLAWS: (Hard Shell) Olive and brown marabou (Soft Shell) white, pink, and orange marabou SHELLBACK: (Hard Shell) Brown Swiss Straw (Soft Shell) Copper Swiss Straw RIB: Copper wire BODY: (Hard Shell) Olive medium chenille (Soft Shell) white medium chenille for Soft Shell HACKLE: (Hard Shell) olive saddle (Soft Shell) white saddle GLUE: Flexament It's tied on the hook upside down. The marabou is tied on like two sideways parachute posts to form the claws. I can't wait to try it in Lake Michigan for smallmouth. Mike
  17. Thank you for sharing the link. I'm just starting to work on learning the zoo cougar pattern and it was great to see it tied by THE MAN himself. Mike
  18. There are many grains of truth in the middle of that. Almost spit my ice cream onto the keyboard I laughed so hard. Thanks for sharing. Mike
  19. Health and happiness for the whole family and a couple hours of peace and quiet (I have a 4 year old and a ten month old). MIke
  20. Walleye Great Lakes Whitefish (fried, broiled or smoked - it's all good) Crappie Tuna steak Mahi Mahi Salmon/steelhead if they're fresh from the great lakes. No grocery store stuff. P.U! Mike
  21. Welcome. Glad you're here. Really, there's worse things a person could be addicted to than fly tying Mike
  22. I like the UTC 70 denier for small flies. I've been using some Uni thread lately and I'm really liking it. I've tried Danville and liked it, but I don't use it regularly. Mike
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