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  1. kampo

    cuba next week

    gentleman i start fiching in cuba in 1997 and this week i going for the 11 time meet my old friends having a cuba libre and havinig a party i,m sorry for you man but thats the world polotics nobody understand this and i can say cuba is a lovely plays to be i,m busy to pac in all my fishing stuf thake nylon hooks to give a way for the locals for now greethings from kampo scholte
  2. kampo

    cuba next week

    going to cuba nextweek and try this suid hoping to cats some nice one kampo scholte
  3. this is the way i makethem go too the next site www.nwmangum.com ,go to the site map and go too tying an epoxy spoon fly this give you the info. you need kampo
  4. betty i use the creaseflies in cuba for baby tarpon yelowtalesand in hooland we fish fore sebass kampo
  5. hello my name is kampo scholte i,m from Holland and i fishing all my life i spend the last 8 hollyday,s in cuba varadero and from ther i go flyfishing i tying my flies by my self maby i go again to cuba this year so i tyd some spoon flies her in holland i fish for trout and for bass on the beaches i hope you like my flies kampo
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