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  1. Hope your spring there is as nice as our fall here. Sharp hooks, tight lines, and the best to you. John
  2. If not too heavy, a good wood box is better for flies in my opinion. The moisture has somewhere to go to evaporate. I'd be interested in a nice looking box in the $45-50 range. Maybe birch or ash . . . not too heavy. John
  3. We have a couple of big boys waiting till October 1 for us to vacinate them. Hope their collars or rope don't wear out before then.
  4. My check will be tomorrows mail Will. Thanks for our efforts. John
  5. OK Will, I want to send you a check for my three shirts. Only problem is, I don't know which river I should send it to. How about an address??? John
  6. Still time??? I'll take one XL each of three colors: olive charcoal chestnut Thanks for the effort! John Don't know if you got my first reply/order . . . this is the same order. Don't want to screw up your numbers.
  7. By the way, that bee looks like the sucker that zapped me last summer. Glad to see he's been "transformed". What can you do about the rest of his family?
  8. My congrats to Utkin and all the participants as well. It's looking at the fine workmanship throughout the contest that's got me interested in the "bug" again. It's been quite a few years since I've had the "fever" . . . You guys have rekindled that interest. Thank you. Great job.
  9. Greetings from Michigan Herbert. There are lots of good people on this site. Lots of great information and photos too. Welcome aboard! John
  10. Got to go with streamers . . . then dries.
  11. My appology to you for getting on your case so hard. Of course, you are right with your viewpoint. It's been a bad week here though, with me having knee surgery, and my older sister's sudden passing (the same day). Things have been sad, and tense . . . I guess I was blowing off steam, but, it's not a good reason to jump on you. Sorry. I meant no harm.
  12. How come you spent your youth in a pool hall. There's no water there. Looks like a great pattern.
  13. What planet is Australia on? Seperation and divorce might be rampant there, as it is in lots of places, but don't for a instant believe that it has "very little consequence" to the kids.
  14. What a tough situation. My wife and I also started dating at 15, and we're almost 53 now. Been married for almost 34 years, raised three boys and had three hundred fights. Take another look at the second line from MCFLY from yesterday . . . he is right, divorce is the easy way out. Easy for you, easy for her, the worst for your kids. You and I don't know each other, but we do in a way, and we've all been there at some point. Maybe you and others might tell me that I'm crazy, and to take a hike, but remember who will suffer most from your battles. Also remember that whatever your choice, you have tons of friends here. Even those you don't know. Best of luck . . .
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