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  1. can you help with the judging? I know there are some great tyers here and I was hoping you could help out. http://www.maineflyfish.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=7930 you don't have to be a member just email: [email protected] and pick your favorite, thanks for the help
  2. http://www.maineflyfish.com/hatches/caddisfly/page_1.html http://www.maineflyfish.com/hatches/dragonfly/page_1.html http://www.maineflyfish.com/hatches/mayfly/page_1.html http://www.maineflyfish.com/hatches/midges/page_1.html http://www.maineflyfish.com/hatches/stonefly/page_1.html
  3. here is one of Maines popular flies: http://www.themaineflyfishingjournal.com/f...aple_syrup.html below the fly is a download of how to tye it, real player or windows media
  4. We are going to add a fly every week , there will be two more this week. we are going to put as many Maine patterns as possible, along with standards.
  5. I like it, good photo. Did you down load the video?
  6. I think you guys will like this: http://www.themaineflyfishingjournal.com/f...ie/brassie.html I will add one a week
  7. Let me know what you think, I really would like some feed back
  8. I just redesigned my site and it went live on Wednsday, it is brand new: www.themaineflyfishingjournal.com
  9. [email protected] , you can use www.paypal.com. once the money is there please email me and I will email you your #.
  10. Here are the flies I am raffling for the youth program http://simplesite.hermon.net/mckay/sunkaze...tunlimited.html
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