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  1. That is one FANTASTIC fly Andy!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: Me love it!
  2. Me like it a lot! Great work Dave!!! I like the wing mixing and the amount of realy good Kori in it!
  3. Yes, I used the method Anton describes on the head of the Butcher in the pic below. It is easy to make nice swept back butts and heads with this technique.
  4. In my top1: The Butcher Not my cup of tea: The Sherbrook (Sorry Arska !) or Helmsdale Doctor (Should not be called a doctor!)
  5. Great Dave! Nice to see a McIntyre with the underwing tyed the way the pattern says! Do you mount the gut to the sides of the hook when there is full feather underwung and under in other cases? I find this a good way to go...
  6. Many thanks everyone for you very nice comments! :drunk:
  7. Very nice and original fly Dean! For some reason it brings a wing flapping fairy to my mind...
  8. Very neat very neat - SUPER JOB Mike! Especially the guineafowl sides are really good! :headbang: Is that wing feather or tail?
  9. Many thanks everyone for your encouraging comments! What I meen by the trick in the wing is really about tying the strips this way up. Here is a bit better pic of the fly. It is amazing how much better my old camera is...
  10. Ok guys - I managed to finnish the Doc! The shape is a bit different than how I normally tye - I think. The longer hook tends to cause this I guess. Hope you like it! All comments are very welcome!
  11. Put the sides and roof on - yes I am very slow... Now it's just the topping and the woolhead since Pryce-Tannatt did not like his doctors havin cheeks nore horns... It is obvious that the head is not going to be super small but lets see how it turns out.
  12. Thanks for the coment Dave! Yes we do - it comes from the British isles and the package says Veniard or something... Heheh!
  13. Hi again, Here is a Red King I tyed after the Black one. Tyed it into a HE2 #2/0 hook which I am beginning to like now. Hope you guys like it!
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