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  1. Nice colors. Sign me up for : (1) XL Charcoal (1) XL Steel How are you handling payment? Check OK? Wampum?
  2. Get a Brassie Hair Packer (about $5) and follow the directions. Simple to use. Some guys use a ball point pen end or such to pack hair, but this thing works great. Think it was thought up by Chris Helm, THE expert on spinning hair.
  3. Let me rephrase that, I'll go for two XL shirts, not a 2XL.
  4. A lot of spools of tippet material come with an elastic band with a tab to grab to get the end of the material. I've found that some of these bands get stretched and loose their elasticity over time. I replace them with a wide rubber band with a granny knot tied in it. The knot gives you a loop to grasp.
  5. Hi Flytire I've been using these things for a few years, and have had no problems on the water with them. When I put them on the fly line, I push them on until the end of the line hits the loop, then hit that spot with a drop of LocTite. Be careful if you heat the piece of shrink tubing with a lighter that you don't hold the flame too close, you'll burn the mesh sleeve. I don't use a flame, but hold it to a 100 watt bulb, that reduces the chance of damage a lot.
  6. If [b]anyone[/b] knows, you guys would. I'll be spending a week in the Baldwin area (Wolf Lake) the first week in August. Wife (a semi-flyfisher) will be with me, so might pop for a day with a guide on the PM. Any recommendations for guides? Also would like some info on small streams to hit. I know that's PM country, but would like to hit some small streams for Brookies while I'm there. Any ideas?? (I can keep a secret) Thanks
  7. I'm gonna look good in that.. Like the logo on the front. Put me down for 2 XL.
  8. When I come across an interesting pattern on the web (usually on this site) I print it out, 3 hole punch it, and put it in a 3 ring binder. I seperate them by type (wet, dry, stremers, etc.). If I don't know what I want to tie, I browse thru the binder and can usually find something that looks good. Been doing this long enough that I have 3 binders full and am working on another. Saves trying to remember where you saw a pattern later.
  9. After trimming and whip finishing the head on your fly, sometimes you are left with a couple of stray hairs or hackle that block the hook eye, and are too close to get with your scissors. Heat a bodkin piont with a lighter, then push it thru the hook eye. It will burn off the stray hairs off and leave you with a clear hook eye.
  10. Keep the screw-on caps of your head cement, Sally Hansen's, or whatever, from sticking by applying a thin coat of Vasoline on the threads. Don't over do it, a very thin coat will do.
  11. I feel like I should light up a cigarette.
  12. Chase Creek

    Beady stuff

    flytire - ran over to Wally Land and picked up one of those. Great item! Thanks for pointing me in that direction. Was really getting tired of those Tic-Tacs
  13. The ONLY reason there are barbs on hooks dates back to cave guys making hooks out of bone. Barbs were needed to keep the bait on the hook. You don't need barbs to keep a fish on the hook. And they come out of your skin MUCH easier.
  14. Chase Creek

    Beady stuff

    I got tired a long time ago of chasing beads around the desk and hearing them make the final journey up the sweeper hose. I quit storing beads in the little zip-loc bags they are sold in, using Tic-Tac boxes instead. The containers have a nice little flip up cap, and I can put a label with the bead size on the flat side.
  15. Chase Creek

    today I..

    Congratulations! That first fish on a fly you tied yourself is a milestone. Keep tying, trying new patterns and methods, and we'll look for more posts from you.
  16. Hi Redleg, Would love to post some pix of my setup and some patterns, but don't have a digi camera. (yet) Took me a long time just to warm up to cell phones. But, as they say, change is enevitable.
  17. Is this cool, or what? For a long time, I have been delegated to the basement, where I made a "room" for my stuff (Ham radio gear, Boy Scout stuff, and most important - fly tying. My "man-cave". Amazing how much stuff you can cram into a small space. I recently spent a weekend away from home training Scout leaders in Indiana. When I returned Sunday night, my wife told me to go look in the cave. Fearing the worst (break-in, fire ?) I went down to look. Everything was MISSING. The room was a shambles. The only thing left was my old oak computer desk. She told me to look in son Jeff's old room. Son Jon had recently moved out, and Jeff inhereted his room. I went into Jeff's old room, and ALL my stuff was there. Along with a new computer desk, certificates and pictures hanging on the wall - everything! Fly rods were haging on the wall, cable TV hookup, etc. BUT THE BEST PART - you guys all know how cluttered your tying desk can get - fur and feathers all over, tools buried under stuff, and so on. My wife had taken a picture of the desk before they moved it to the second floor, and put everything back EXACTLY as I had left it. Did I mention that I LOVE THAT WOMAN? :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  18. Parachute Hare's ear, Black ant, Hare's ear nymph
  19. Gonna get up to 75 degrees today (Toledo). I can hear some 'gills calling. Got a call from the Manton, Mi chamber of commerce reminding me that Mi. trout season starts in a couple of weeks. They said some Brookies came into town asking about my plans (what patterns I'll be using, what streams I'll be fishing, etc.) My plans are the same as every season - annoy as many Brookies as I can.
  20. I use those plastic prescription bottles for dragging insects back home. When you get up around my age there is an endless supply around the house.
  21. my dog took one look at that and left the room. I don't think fish think in terms of ugly, but rather tasty. Looks tasty.
  22. hi stuck-in, If you do any backpacking, Tyvek makes a great, tough, lightweight groundcloth. Been using it that way for years. If you stop at a construction site, you can beg some scrap tyvek, enough for a few seasons of tying.
  23. Found myself in just that situation. Didn't push her into anything, but did encourage her when she wanted to try flyfishing. She was already an active backpacker and loved the outdoors. That was 21 years and 2 kids ago. I count my blessings every day.
  24. I have used 2 lamps for years, just the run of the mill Wally World type. They are the clamp type, which I clamp to the shelf behind the vise. This keeps from taking up table space. Also use a backing plate (white). Find the second lamp eliminates small shadows. I guess heat could be a problem, but If you don't go above the wattage recommended on the sticker of the lamp, it shouldn't be.
  25. Nw there's some folks with time on thier hands! good stuff.
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