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  1. I wonder if the crafty places have any idea how much of their sales goes to fly fishing? Thanks for the heads up.
  2. My 18yr old son has really black hair. MMMMMMM.......................
  3. WAIT A MINUTE! I've seen that pattern before. Yeah, think it was called the Steve Martin Emerger.
  4. NOW I'm getting scared! Been a long winter, hasn't it?
  5. Great looking fly. I have a bunch hanging on a foam sheet in front of me. I agree with redwings about the segmentation, but don't throw those away. Those are fish magnets. Gluing the layers definitly makes them more durable. Getting cabin fever here; found myself doing the dishes and didn't remember how I got there.
  6. Thanks, Irish. Really like how everyone on this site is willing to help, even with the odd stuff. Great bunch of folks.
  7. I've been using the Rite bobbins for a while, and haven't had any trouble. I use the Cermag models, which are longer than the standard jobs. Makes it nice to get into tight spots. But as far as bobbin design or structure, I think it's a matter of personel preferance. Just go with the ceramic types, and I think you'll be ok.
  8. I really don't think I'd go less than a 4wt with this one.
  9. Wow! that thing is bigger than my dog! congratulations. :headbang:
  10. welcome back joel. Been there, done that. had a quadruple bypass and a roto-rooter job on my ateries in the neck at the same time. 93% blockage on one side. Glad I went thru it all, but wouldn't want to do it again. Sent a picture of me walking the cross-michigan trail and one holding a nice brookie from a small stream to my heart guy, and thanked him for a few more seasons on the water. take care joel
  11. Very nice work. impressive legs. Don't apologize for posting too much, the more the better. There are some pretty great ideas out there, and this is a great place to throw them in the mix. Hope to see some more of your work.
  12. Try finding a local flyfishing or tying club. Members usually have tools or equipment they don't use anymore, and often are glad to donate or sell it at a low price to folks new to the hobby (did I say hobby; I meant obsession).
  13. I've used 'hard as nails' for a long time and have had no trouble with bleeding colors. Good stuff.
  14. Boy, do I see a lot of ideas in there, longears! Really like your waste catcher.
  15. OK guys, just remember the basic safety rule when working with power tools - "don't drink and use power tools; get your drinking done before you start."
  16. DON'T FALL FOR THAT ONE!!! I've left my money at the same spot 3 times, and nothing happened.
  17. The plastic in the window of business envelopes works pretty good also. Not as pliable as sandwich bags, but pretty durable stuff. Oh NO! I'm beggining to think I'm frugal (CHEAP)
  18. Before I got a vise with a bobbin holder, I used a 1/4" diameter wood dowell about 8" long set upright on a base of wood. attached a paper clip shaped into a hook at the top.
  19. My first was a wooly worm, brown I think. I use that pattern as a first fly when teaching the Boy Scout flyfishing merit badge. It's an easy tie, and it catches fish. Good combination for newbies.
  20. I'm in Toledo, Oh. Have seen folks with snow shovels cleaning the sidewalks in front of their stores. Folks would walk in with 'em in thier hair. Couldn't use the ATMs cuz you couldn't see the keys. Pretty amazing.
  21. I fish small streams that don't have major hatches, so I lean toward nymphs and terrestrials. As for tying, I like them both.
  22. Hi guys, Been involved in Scouting for several years, and with the flyfishing merit badge since it came out. Usually run a full day session that involves all the requirements except catching the required 2 kinds of fish. For that we usually go on a weekend campout at one of the local lakes. Merit badges are a way for the boys to get a taste of a subject, not become experts at it. If they want, they can pursue the subject further. I've had several boys go on to get deeper into flyfishing. Love to see kids get going on flyfishing.
  23. All good tips. When you sit down to tie, do several of the same pattern. You'll see an improvement in your results by just tying several of the same pattern at one session. Your proportions, material placement, and overall looks of the fly will get better with each one you tie. Even if the fly doesn't look exactly like the picture in the book, it will still catch fish. And don't be afraid to experiment with different materials. None of the patterns are written in stone. Most of all, have fun with it.
  24. Anybody out there have any experience teaching the flyfishing merit badge for Boy Scouts? I'm a merit badge counselor and have done several flyfishing workshops with the boys, but always looking for new ideas to keep it interesting.
  25. Oh, yeah - I found a white birch branch in my wanderings (on the ground) about 3" in diameter. Cut it into 3" lengths on the table saw and drilled some 1/4" holes in one end. One holds my Scissors, whip finisher,dubbing tool, and rotary hackle pliers. The other is for holding 5 threaded bobbins. The wife even said she never new I was an artsy-craftsy guy.
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