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  1. Tried it. Great idea. I have a small magnetic sheet under my vise clamp and I put the velcro in the corner. Thanks!
  2. Found lots of stuff in fabric stores. Try using a seam ripper for cutting thread and teasing dubbing out. About $2. Use a small foam sheet (6"x8") to hook finished flies in. Clip a small bulldog clip on the edge and you can hang it up. I have a small piece of magnetic sheet about 4"x4" with the corner under my vise clamp. Great for keeping hooks handy for the next fly.
  3. Two of the books that I found most helpful are "Tying Nymphs" and Tying Dry Flies" written by Randall Kaufmann. Both have basic tying techniques and step by step instructions for a lot of flies. By the time you finish tying the step-by-step patterns, you should be able to tie any of the flies in the pattern directory. Got Leeson & Schollmeyer's "The Fly Tier's Benchside Reference" for a b'day present. Pricey, but what a book! Also available on CD.
  4. I may be wrong, but I think the "waxed" thread means the thread is coated to prevent the strands from unwinding too easily, it isn't tacky and wont help with dubbing. I use Loon wax when I need it - not very often. If I want a real buggy look, I'll use a dubbing loop.
  5. I use one of those sewing rotory cutters on a small fabric cutting board, using a 12" metal ruler as a guide Dig around a fabric shop and you'll find several types. WARNING!! Those blades are SHARP. Nearly cut the end of my finger off with one.
  6. Use 12-14 fishing small streams with a 3 or 4wt
  7. If I were a fish, I'd prefer buggy.I guess it Depends if you're tying for the fish or yourself. I want flys that will catch fish, so I try to include "triggers" like movement (or the illusion of movement), profile, etc. I have always admired someone who has the ability to tie really good looking flys, whether the standard patterns or the super realistics. Tied a realistic spider once and left it on my desk at the office. Found it smashed, along with a note from the cleaning lady. She didn't think it was funny.
  8. I actually started tying when I was a young pup, but stopped for one reason or another (smell of perfume and gasoline, perhaps). Didn't have the web as a source back then (the old days).Didn't stop annoying fish though. Started again, and became addicted, just like the rest of you guys. When I started back up, my work looked pretty rough, but I can sure see an improvement. I'd credit the upswing to talking with other tyers and all the available sources - like this site, and tying a few flies EVERY DAY. Just like riding a uni-cycle; a lot easier with practice.
  9. A 14" Brookie last year from a small stream about 10' wide, but lots of nice pools. Ain't those Brookies pretty?
  10. WELCOME! Always good to have another Michigander to help annoy the fishies. I'm orig from Lansing area.
  11. Hi Sage, I'm from the Wacousta area (NW of Lansing, near Grand Ledge) Do most of my trouting North of Cadillac in the state forrest. Nice area, been fishing there for 40+ years, and have seen maybe 12 other brookie chasers on the streams. That should tell you how hard it is to get to some of the streams ! OK by me.
  12. Been watching all the posts (and picking up a lot of really good stuff) and thought I'd better get in here. Live in Ohio (Toledo), but orig from mid-Michigan. Spend most of my trout time annoying Brookies in the little feeder streams dumping into the Manistee River. When I can't get up there, I chase Bronzebacks and 'Gills around. Been tying for quite a few years, but not seriously until about three years ago. Looking forward to a lot of other info from this site, and maybe I can even contribute some. Great site!
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