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  1. Yup, if you hold the hackle parallel to the jaws, you'll have less of a problem. Also, make sure you have the stem of the hackle in the jaws. I work with delicate hackle, like Starling, and haven't had much of a problem.
  2. I've always put a short piece of heat shrink tubing (Radio Shack) on ONE jaw of my pliers. I also make the shrink tubing stick out about 1/8" past the end of the jaw. That makes it so the hackle stem doesn't bend too sharply and break. Haven't had any problem since I started doing that 35+ years ago. Also, when you're done winding the hackle, make sure the jaws don't have any remnants stuck to them before you try winding another hackle.
  3. I guess Chase Creek, in Wexford County, Michigan. Been annoying Brookies there since High School (1962 or so). Always feel like I'm home when I crest that last hill going in.
  4. psycho covered it pretty well. Usually the number of participants is limited to 12. The swap meister will indicate this, along with due date, and any other info when he/she opens up the swap. Swaps are a great place to improve your tying skills. Don't feel intimidated in any way, just pick one and jump in. They usually fill up fairly fast, so keep you eyes open, as psycho said. It is also kind of nice to include a few extra flies for the swap meister, as a thank you for organizing and running the swap. I always include 6 or so extra flies (not necessarily the swap pattern) for the swap meister. Good luck, and also - have fun.
  5. FlaFly - I would say a Golden-Crowned Kinglet, but from Australia, who knows?
  6. My wife quit smoking a few years ago. (I never started) She said quitting is easy - she;d done it several times before! Another thing we need to watch out for is mono line. I fish lots of small streams in Northern Michigan, and always find wads of mono in the bushes. I cut them out and put them in a baggie. Lots of critters get tangled up in that stuff and eventually die of strangulation or starve to death. And those soft plastic 6-pack holders are just as bad. They last around 450 years before they rot away to nothing. Stepping down from soapbox.
  7. Chase Creek


    I think all the hype just a fad. People jump on it 'cuz it's "cool" to rave on about it. Like chocolate. Each is OK, but not the "end all".
  8. There is a really good article in the Spring Fly Tyer Magazine about basic tying tools by a fellow who's been tying for many years. You might want to check that one out. Some really good advice for folks gearing up for the first time.
  9. I have to agree with mikechell's comments. I'm in much the same situation: love to wade small streams for Brookies, but find my sense of balance is diminishing, which makes it hard just to get to most streams I fish, let alone wade them. So I target panfish to keep in the game. I've had great luck with the standard Trout flies like Elk Hair Caddis, Adams, etc. I find ant patterns, and especially Stewart's Black Spider (a REALLY old pattern that dates back to mid 1850s) very effective.
  10. My hat's off to you. I'm a Leave No Trace Master Educator, and we stress the "life" of discarded items - butts among them. People don't realize how long things last when tossed on the ground. A good solution.
  11. One thing I get a chuckle out of - color. Does anyone REALLY think the fish can tell the difference between the Pale and Pale Watery shades; or that it will reject one over the other?? I think not. As utyer said, the same species of insect will come in several colors, some drastically different than their brother/sister insects of the same species.. I think the body shape and size are much more important than the "exact" shade of some color for the hackle OR the body.
  12. I would echo everything said above.As Martha would say - "It's a good thing". Generally, there are no more than 12 participants in a swap, so don't be concerned that you'll have to tie 3 dozen flies. It's a great learning tool and confidence builder. I was rather hesitant to sign up for my first swap, but found it almost addicting after a couple. Jump right in and sign up for one that interests you. Don't be concerned about the quality of your flies - everyone here started out in the same place.
  13. I've used Sally Hanson's for years and never had that happen. I does turn kind of milky (not white, though) in the bottle after a long period of time, but I just buy another bottle.
  14. Why do I use one? See what SILKHDH said. I have the square type (Renzetti?) and I cut squares the same size of different color thin foam and clip them to the plate with bulldog clips. I change from the white color of the original to light blue or light grey as the mood strikes me. Makes a good background for photos, too.
  15. Another lesson about snakes, learned from a friend (I did NOT do this, but he did). Never try to shoot a snake in your boat with a pistol. You'll put holes in the boat (he emptied a 9 round clip) and probably miss the snake (It calmly crawled out and swam away). I HATE snakes! More than once I've sat down on a log in the stream to change flies, and found myself sitting next to a snake getting a tan. I now know J. C. isn't the only one who can walk on water.
  16. Not as classy as you other guys. I was wading a small stream in N. Michigan, when I decided to sit down on a log spanning the stream to take a break. I sat down, but lost my balance, and went over backwards into the water. Fortunately, I fish alone, so nobody witnessed it. Later, I was walking back down a two-track to my truck, when my cell phone rang. Unusual, cuz the coverage up there is very spotty. I had forgotten to take it out of my jacket when I left the truck. I answered it - it was my wife (about 250 miles away at home.) We chatted for a minute, then a black bear dashed out of the brush maybe 20 feet in front of me, and into the brush on the other side of the two-track. It startled me, and I yelled "bear". Then the call dropped. Had to drive several miles before I could call my wife back and tell her I was OK. Later in the afternoon, I was back on the stream. Stepped out to go around a sweep right into a rather large pile of bear scat. Glad I was wearing waders, and not dress shoes. This all happened on the same trip, but still had a great time.
  17. If you want to try out macro photography, but not have to sell the house to buy a good dedicated macro lens, I would suggest picking up a set of non-auto macro extension tubes (usually less than $20), and a reversing ring (cheaper than the tubes) made for your camera lens mount. With non-auto tubes, you lose auto focus and auto exposure, but you shouldn't use auto focus anyway for macro because of the very shallow depth-of-field. There is a way you can actually set the exposure (f-stop) on your lens, but it is kind of a hassle. It's up to you if you want to spend the extra bucks for the auto tubes. The tubes usually come in sets of 3 of varying lengths that connect together, so you can pick how many to use for various magnifications. You can use the tubes and the reversing ring together for really high magnification, like bug photography. The reversing ring simply lets you turn your lens around and attach it to the camera. All electrical connections are lost, so you don't have auto-anything, like the non-auto tubes. I use both of these methods with a 50mm lens, and my 18-55mm kit lens with excellent results, while I save my pennies for a "big boy" macro lens.With the tubes and/or the reversing ring, you don't lose any image quality because neither have any lens elements - you are using only the lens elements in your lens. Hope that helps.
  18. Very generous, Norm. You're one of the good guys.
  19. Not exactly a gadget,but indispensable. Swisher Sweet cigars. Not very tasty, but the best mosquito repellent I've come across while on the stream. Also assures you have a section of the stream to yourself.
  20. Very sad to hear this. A true gentleman, one of the good guys.
  21. I think you did Mr. Porter proud, Terje. Wonderful composition (the song and the image)
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