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  1. Yup, decide on a few patterns (common) and buy material accordingly. I'll second the comments about substitution. But be careful with substitutions, you want to try to substitute materials that have the same properties as the originals. How they act in water, color, etc. Nothing in this hobby is etched in stone, though. Just have fun.
  2. Chase Creek

    Need a name

    Well, I've had 6 kids, both boys and girls. But my wife would never go for naming any of the girls Ann And Phillips. That way, her initials would be "A&P". I have a relative Beverly Ann Rhodes Faragher (BARF). Any way, congratulations - good times ahead.
  3. You call those big? I once had two spiders in the PM State Forest pick up a rock and try to kill me. No kidding!
  4. Chase Creek


    the big difference is the weight. But watch out - glass beads (the craft kind) are usually not very consistant in size or shape. Have found a lot of the "round" ones to be a little elongated, making it hard to get around the bend of the hook. I've even gone to taking appropriate size hooks to the local bead store to try out different beads. The bead folks have no idea what you're doing, but what the heck?
  5. Depends on the fly. If I'm doing somrthing like a Partridge and Orange, with materials laid out I can tie 1 1/2 doz in an hour. More complicated patterns take longer. But I don't have the need to crank 'em out like that as a rule. Too much of that type of thing takes the enjoyment out of tying for me.
  6. I'm not what you'd call technically challenged, I work with Auto-Cad and SDS2 every day, but I've never owned digi camera. :dunno: is a camera available that has the macro feature for $100 - $200? Don't think the wife will go for a $1K tag on a camera. Any suggestions?
  7. OK guys, cut it out. These tying areas are WAY to tidy. One of the Ham radio mags ran a contest for the "messiest shack" (radio room). I was a hoot. Maybe we should do the same?
  8. I like a beadhead double-hackle soft. dubbing body(like hare's ear or "possum), bead head, and a partridge hackle at the front, and one close to the bend. Sounds goofy, but it works great.
  9. Chase Creek


    Those are all good cases for barbless hooks. They come out a lot easier than barbed ones. Not as impressive, but easier.
  10. Great looking fly! Also great job on using around-the-house materials. That's half the fun, creating something out of stuff meant for something else. And that fly will catch its share of gills. Nice job.
  11. If you use the "wishbone" style bobbins, and find the tension a bit too much, listen up. On both ends of the thread spool where the bobbin thingy (I'm sure there is a technical name for that) fits into the hole of the spool, put a small patch of white teflon thread tape (plumbers use it to seal pipe threads) between the bobbin thingy and the spool. This stuff comes in small rolls at your local hardware emporium.
  12. antelope - :hyst: :hyst: YIS Chase (C-16-02)
  13. my computer seems to have a hard drive leak, seems some letters are missing from my reply. Found them on the floor under the desk. They are a, f, and G. Se ya
  14. Hi Chris, The small knob is adjusted according to the hook size, but not tightened on the hook, and the big one is actually used to tighten and hold the hook firmly. little practice will tell you how hard you have to turn the big knob. With the size o flies I normaly tie, I don't have to adjust the small one, one spot covers a pretty good range of sizes. I have a riffin Mongoose, same system as yours. Haven't had any trouble with hooks slipping from this. Hope that helps.
  15. Antelope have anything to do with Woodbadge?? If you don't understand that, then the answer is no.
  16. I order online when I need to, otherwise I like to support the local ma & pop fly fishing emporium. Would rather not use the big boys like Cabela's if I don't need to. AS far as online, try J. Stockard, good guys.
  17. I put my most used dubbing flavors in those clear plastic coin tubes made for quarters. The ones I have are about 1 3/4" tall with screw-on lids. Easy to label and you can see the contents. I picked up a whole box of them at a mall coin show. Also good for holding beads, eyes, etc.
  18. Very nice ties. I'm tying up some right now. I think I have a fetish for craw patterns.
  19. Being somewhat of a fashion icon in my family, I stick with basic black and basic white, coloring the white to suit my needs. I also use red, or a red band, on the heads of weighted flies so I can tell them from unweighted versions.
  20. Thanks BFR. Good info. Think I'll get some good use from that website. Take care.
  21. I'm looking for some info on the Huron, near Ann Arbor. Going up there to search for the elusive smallie next weekend. Anybody have info on access points, etc. Understand it runs thru a couple of metro parks. Are these good access points? I'll be wading. Going up I-75. Which exits should I take? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  22. Chris Helm's store in Toledo. Really great selection of everything, and great guy to deal with. http://www.whitetailflytieing.com/
  23. Catching a fish on a fly you've tied is probably the way a lot of us got fired up about tying. Mine was a bluegill who would be about 40 yrs old now. Love Brookies and Browns, but still get a thrill when a 'gill takes my fly. Welcome.
  24. Scene : Church basement newbie, standiang at podium : Hi, my name is Colbyjack, and I'm a fly tier. group, sitting on folding chairs : HI, COLBYJACK!! Welcome, looks like you're off to a good start. Jump right in, and don't ever be afraid to ask questions around here. "The only stupid question is an unasked question". Looking forward to seeing your progress.
  25. Chase Creek

    The Tyer

    Do I hear Kenny R. calling his lawyer??
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