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  1. I would think you can tie with it, but like Jeff says, it will break down and rot faster. Don't use it if you're going to fish your flies.
  2. went to the site, but couldn't pull up the parachute page. all the others were fine. Did you guys break it??
  3. Good question. Without a doubt, for tying,The Benchside Referance. All time favorite - "Fishing Dry Flies for Trout on Rivers and Streams" by Art Lee (1982) Full of common sense stuff, covers everything. "Terrestials" by Steeves and Koch. This is my reference for all things terrestrial, along with Audibon Society's "Field Guide to North American Insects and Spiders". Also really like Murray's "Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass". Lots of great info. (Try the James Wood Bucktail) "Fly Fishing Small Streams" by John Gierach is right up with the big boys. Again, lots of common sense stuff. (Anything by John G. is great reading) that's my 5 cents worth.
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    You're right - fishing is lousy in that area. Don't even bother to come, it's a waste of time, terrible.
  5. Welcome Steve, You'll find this site is both informative and entertaining. I think you're gonna fit right in.
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    Take care 0f you and your buddies. And thanks from all of us.
  7. There are lots of good books on flyfishing, some a little more technical than others. I would recomend a couple of books from the Complete Fly Fisherman series - Fishing Nymphs, Wet Flies & Streamers and Fishing Dry Flies (not sure of that title) Both cover the basics of reading water, trout lies, etc., along with chapters on the different methods and flies commonly used for that type of fishing. You might also look at the Orvis flyfishing book, don't know the exact title, but very good basic instruction on everything from casting to reading water. You can find these books at Cabelas, Gander Mountain, and the like.
  8. If you use lamp cord or any insulated stranded wire for weighting, ribbing, etc., cut it into 10" or so lenghts, then strip the insulation from all but an inch or so. That keeps all the strands together and you can pluck them out one at a time.
  9. How can you tell........... :hyst: :hyst: :hyst: :hyst: :hyst:
  10. Love soft hackles. I tie the traditional (partridge & ____, etc.) and bead heads. Sometimes hackle in front of bead, sometimes in back. Try wire bodies, too. Really like double hackle softies, one hackle at front, one at rear. As you can see, there are endless variations. But keep the hackle sparse, one or two turns. They do so well on Brookies I'm beginning to feel guilty. But not that guilty.
  11. I usually use round toothpicks to apply head cement, etc. Don't have to clean 'em off. Use the bodkin for all of the above, + pulling hackle out from being trapped under ribbing, etc. I make my own from pcs of deer antler and a large sewing needles. Damn rustic looking.
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    Great pix. Always see tracks and scat when I fish my favorite streams in N Michigan. Even stepped in a pile of scat when getting out of the stream once. Glad I had my waders on.
  13. Used to live North of Wacousta, and I went to Grand Ledge HS. I've fished a stretch North of Grand Ledge, alongside a county park, and done very well with wooly buggers (black, white, olive) with some flash in the tail. Also crayfish patterns. Usually use a 9' 5wt, but have had lots of fun with a 3wt. Always nice to stop in at the Logjam in Grand Ledge after a long day on the river.
  14. Hare's ear parachute, followed closely by an Adams parachute.
  15. If my memory serves me, the UP Summer season lasts about 20 minutes, and winter lasts 16 months. Would love to live up there, and wife is all for it. She says "go ahead, but remember to send a postcard once in a while"
  16. ted, you really appear to be wearing your thinking cap - the comment about who is the fastest rings true. I think all of us could take a lesson there. Oh, yeah, don't forget the bear bells so they can locate you easier. Also carry bear spray - they like it for seasoning. Seriously, had to use spray twice - once in Montana and once in the UP of Michigan. REALLY glad I had it.
  17. Cigars, the big stinky kind. You can't catch fish without a cigar in your mouth. Great bug repellant, and added advantage of keeping other fisherman from crowding you.
  18. Anybody use furled leaders? Like 'em, hate 'em?? Best material?
  19. I'm a structural detailer (draftsman), but thinking seriously about answering the ad about a job as a proctologists assistant at the zoo. Couldn't be much worse.
  20. I tried using a magnifier for a while, but found it messed up my depth perception. Drove me nuts. I now use the most powerful reading glasses i could find (+3.75 I think).
  21. Try putting one wrap around just the bundle of hair before wrapping around both the hair and shank. Use mhackney's proceedure, and you should be alright. Tie a bunch of them, it's a great fly.
  22. Hi Redleg, Well, I've fished the bigger rivers (I know the Pine isn't a "big river") in Mich over the years, and several years ago decided I'd much rather fish the small streams that flow into them. My favorite area over the past 20 years are the streams in the PM State Forest that flow into the Manistee, North of Cadillac/Manton. Wonderful Brookie country. Over the past 20+ years, I think I've seen maybe a dozen other fisherman in those creeks. Too much work to get to. OK by me, tho. But I'm not putting down the bigger, famous rivers, they keep folks away from those small streams. But I have a week, +/-, so who knows?
  23. Having a hobby that requires picking up size 22 hooks with size 2/0 fingers, I magnetized my scissors. I can pick up a single hook from the container up to size 8 or so with no problem.
  24. One problem of painting lead eyes is holding them to apply the paint, and then how to hold them while they dry. Use a woman's bobby pin (they come in different sizes) to hold the eyes. Just slip the middle of the eye in one of the wavey notches of the pin. Paint the eyes, then stick the end of the bobby pin into a piece of styrofoam to dry.
  25. My mom used to make a dish called "Mushroom Surprise". It was named that cuz she didn't know the difference between poisonous ones and good ones.
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