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  1. Variant on Craig Matthews pattern Watch the Video
  2. Heptagenid nymph as per Oliver Edwards Watch the Video
  3. My buddy hooks a nice wild steelie but loses it...and it was his first ever on a fly! Watch the Video
  4. March Brown Emerger tied by Carl Fryer demonstrates an overlooked and very effective pattern for early spring emergences of the March Brown Mayfly. This fly is beneficial for taking advantage of this hatch. http://www.southernflymaster.com/http://www.southernflymaster.com/fly-tying-videos.html Watch the Video
  5. Published on Feb 4, 2013March Brown Emerger tied by Carl Fryer demonstrates an overlooked and very effective pattern for early spring emergences of the March Brown Mayfly. This fly is beneficial for taking advantage of this hatch. http://www.southernflymaster.com/http://www.southernflymaster.com/fly-... Watch the Video
  6. Carl's Caddis is an Imitation of the caddis larvae created and tied by fly tyer Carl Fryer. http://www.southernflymaster.com/fly-tying-videos.htmlhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCzTCmkwCX0 Watch the Video
  7. <a href="http://flytyingforum.com/video/Bendback-SBS/239/"><img src="http://d3nh6es96whrr8.cloudfront.net/videos/images/vid50fa48ccaa1f3_640.jpg"></a><br>The Bendback is a great shallow water fly that rides hook point up making it pretty weedless. It can be tied with a variety of materials for the wing and body but my favorite combination is an Crystal Antron Chenille body with a Kinky Fiber underwing topped with natural Bucktail. A Bendback can actually be tied without bending the hook eye back, which today you may have to do if you choose to use the modern steel hooks that tend to be very strong but will break before they bend. The older Stainless Steel hooks such as Mustad's old 34007 are very good for making bendbacks. This is a great bass fly too; you can even use the hooks made for plastic worms that have a bent back eye. Good Luck and Keep on Tying. Kirk<br><br> Watch the Video
  8. <a href="http://flytyingforum.com/video/Carp-Classic-VIII/238/"><img src="http://d3nh6es96whrr8.cloudfront.net/videos/images/vid50f9d5510375e_640.jpg"></a><br>Annual fly fishing tournament at the Blackfoot Reservoir, Idaho.<br><br> Watch the Video
  9. <a href="http://flytyingforum.com/video/Cyclops-SBS/237/"><img src="http://d3nh6es96whrr8.cloudfront.net/videos/images/vid50f8c92be5f9b_640.jpg"></a><br>The Cyclops was developed in the winter of 1999 as a solution to a more durable Clouser Minnow. Capt. Mark Brockhoeft of Big Red Guides mentioned to me that he wished his "go to" winter fly, would last for more than a couple dozen fish. Even when superglued, the barbell eyes would start to twist and take the wing around the hook shank with it. Before you say a couple dozen fish is plenty on one fly, you've got to realize its common for Capt Mark's clients to catch 50, 75, and sometimes 150 redfish during the winter. The large beads from Spirit River are great for deep water (3 - 4 feet and deeper). If you want this fly for shallow water, use the hollow Split Cyclops Beads from Cascade Crest Tools. With the application of Zap-a-Gap to the underside of the fly, Capt Mark reported that the flies were lasting for 75 fish before being lost to the bottom. Finally, the fly stayed on the end of a client's line for two consecutive 75 fish trips before he took it off and gave it to the man as a souvenir of a great couple of winter redfish trips. That being said, I have since caught many bass and speckled trout and even some catfish.<br><br> Watch the Video
  10. <a href="http://flytyingforum.com/video/Foxy-Glider-in-Water/236/"><img src="http://d3nh6es96whrr8.cloudfront.net/videos/images/vid50f627b190a02_640.jpg"></a><br>The Foxy Glider is a fly I came up with to glide and dart around like the ever popular and productive Slug-O and Wooden Glider baits used by spin fishermen. I worked on this on and off for most of 2011 before I was satisfied. The Faux Fox fibers it is tied with absorb water but the foam spider head counteract some of that to make a seductively slow sinking or hovering fly that glides from side to side during pauses between strips. Use a non-slip or similar mono loop to attach it to your tippet.<br><br> Watch the Video
  11. <a href="http://flytyingforum.com/video/Sawyer's-Killer-Bug-Variants/235/"><img src="http://d3nh6es96whrr8.cloudfront.net/videos/images/vid50f08d1334fc8_640.jpg"></a><br><br><br> Watch the Video
  12. <a href="http://flytyingforum.com/video/Simple-Bloodworm/234/"><img src="http://d3nh6es96whrr8.cloudfront.net/videos/images/vid50e4978c4a652_640.jpg"></a><br><br><br> Watch the Video
  13. <a href="http://flytyingforum.com/video/Iron-Blue-Dun-version-3/233/"><img src="http://d3nh6es96whrr8.cloudfront.net/videos/images/vid50db6169724bc_640.jpg"></a><br>Iron blue, parachute hackle with foam thorax<br><br> Watch the Video
  14. <a href="http://flytyingforum.com/video/Iron-Blue-Dun-version-2/232/"><img src="http://d3nh6es96whrr8.cloudfront.net/videos/images/vid50db5c8772e88_640.jpg"></a><br>Goose biot body, standard hackle high floating version<br><br> Watch the Video
  15. size 16 dry iron blue with snowshoe rabbit hackle and foam thorax Watch the Video
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