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  1. Here is a un-weighted fly on a 1"-5/8" shank with a sz 4 octo stinger. I call this one the 'Winterim Coach' great winter steelhead fly, especially for those rivers where the blues and purples fish well. Marabou, Shlappen, Peacock, all kinds of hairy are in this! tight lines, this coach moves!
  2. Here is a fry/alevin pattern with some flash that I tied up last night. Great for those high, murky, n dirty waters of march here in the midwest! Nymph it deep or swing it with some 5' T-14 on the switch rod! tight lines! Sorry for large pics! ha
  3. I'm throwing the Beulah Classic 6/7 which I love, Lamson litespeed 3.5, and airflo rage 420gr. That rod/line combo has no problem throwing some 10' 8.1sec versileaders or 7' of T14 with a heavy fly was also not hard at all to get out 60'-70'... Great rod. I don't know the reel you use but I am sure it works.
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