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  1. I received my free hooks today, I received the style and size I requested, took a little while to get them but when someone is giving you something for free I will never complain. THANK YOU WILL for the free hooks, can't wait to try them out! Rodney
  2. Thank you very much for the free pack of hooks, the coupon worked fine for me, looking forward to doing business with you in the future! Rodney
  3. I think its a great idea, but sometimes I look into things a little too much. For example, if you are doing this to save time when tying, if you would add up the time it takes you to sort all the hackles out before hand compared to the time it takes to pluck the correct sized hackle from a cape or saddle while tying which one would take less time in the long run? Other than that I think its a great way to store your hackles and when you want to tye a dozen or so of the same size flies you just grab the container that has that size hackle and get busy. Rodney
  4. I would stick with capes like some have stated, they will give you a wider variety of sizes per skin. I would go with the following colors: 1. Medium Dun 2. Grizzly 3. Light Ginger 4. Brown With the Dun and Ginger I would try and get them in the barred variety, Collins hackle has some nice barred necks and you get the matching saddle with the purchase. Rodney
  5. I use a ton of CDC on the flies I tye. I use it for wings on caddis and on comparaduns, parachute posts and have wrapped it like hackle on soft hackle flies. I only use powder type floatants and wouldn't recommend the liquid or paste type floatants. I use mostly dun and tan colored CDC. Rodney
  6. hopefully this will not happen but with my luck it probably will Believe me, it will happen eventually. Someone else might hook you as well and hopefully they are using barbless hooks. And while fishing I always were my sunglasses to keep the hooks out of your eyes.
  7. I smash the barbs down on my flies as well or tye with a barbless hook if I have any in the size I need. As stated earlier you need to keep constant pressure on the fish and you usually will land the fish, the barbless hook will also allow you to unhook the fish quicker and easier. It also helps if you happen to hook yourself!! Rodney
  8. Most of mine are Bronze with a couple of Silver grade, I haven't tried any of the Pro grade but I'm sure they are good but might not have as many feathers in the smaller sizes. I have no complants with the Bronze capes I own and the Silvers are great! I would say 75% of the drys I make use the Bronze grade hackle and most of my drys are in the 14-22 size range. Rodney
  9. New ones cost around $250, good deal if almost like new. Rodney
  10. I usually have mine extend a little past the end of the shank but not too much. Most caddis have shorter bodies and longer wings.
  11. You can use a dubbing loop and insert whatever you want in the loop, spin it , and wrap like hackle. If you want to use deer hair for hackle make sure that you run a fine tooth comb thru the hair to get the fluff and shorter hair from the base of the clump before you put it in the loop. When putting the hair in the loop spread it out so that it is not one big clump in the middle of the loop and try and get the bases of the hair close to the loop thread but you have to leave a little sticking out from the loop so that when you spin the loop it doesn't fall out. After you spin the loop tight you just wrap the loop like you would hackle. Make sure that the hair tips are the same length as the hackle would be for the size fly you are tying and try and keep the tips even while you put them in the loop. A tiny bit of wax in the loop will help hold the hair in the loop until you start to spin the loop. With this method you can put soft hackle fibers, polypro, or any other material you would like to use as hackle in the loop. Jason and Gary Borger have some videos on this technique, thats where I learned how to do it. Rodney
  12. You can also find cheap lights on ebay that use AAA batteries, I have one that I paid 6 bucks for and it does a fine job with the UV products. Rodney
  13. Hi Guys, I'm also from Maryland but the other end of the state in Allegany county, if you ever decide to try for trout in the mountains give me a shout and I can show you around this neck of the woods. Rodney
  14. Regal for me as well, I've tied with many others but always come back to the Regal. As long as you put that hook where it suppose to be you will never have an issue and like Bryon said, you will bend the hook before it slips!
  15. This is my base, its a 12" x 12" piece of granite that I purchased from a local counter top seller. This piece was a display piece for a counter top they were no longer selling, I asked how much he wanted for it and he asked me what I would give him for it, I offered $10 and he took it. I had an older cheap pedestal base that I wasn't using so I took the piece that holds the vise stem and removed it from the cheap base, it was threaded so all I had to do was unscrew it from the base. I then drilled a hole in the granite that was the same size as the piece I removed from the base, I put some epoxy in the hole and put that piece in the hole and let it sit for a week before I touched it. I put my regal vise stem in the attached piece and have been tying with it for 5 years now and nothing moves or tips no matter what fly I tie. I would say it weighs close to 10 pounds, and with the 12 x 12 footprint it doesn't move.
  16. I've been tying on mine for 20+ years, like others have stated the only issue is launching hooks if they are not placed in the jaws properly. I have done that one time and it was my fault! I contacted Regal and they promptly sent me a new set of jaws and the instructions on how to put the hook in the jaws properly. I purchased the midge jaws to tye the smaller stuff, another plus is that it only takes about 5 seconds to change the jaws on the rotating head model. I like the fact that you don't have to mess with screws, cams, etc when changing hook sizes. I have never had a true rotary vise so I don't mind that the vise is not true rotary. Rodney
  17. Beth, you can pull the feathers from the skins and put them in ziploc bags, plastic boxes, etc and anything that is large enough to hold them flat without bending them. If you have the time and energy you can pull the feathers and size them and then put them into whatever you decide to store them in and label that with the hook size that feather will tye. Then if you decide to tye some #10 flies just pull out the bag marked size 10 and you will have the feathers you need to tye that size fly. Just make sure whatever you decide to store the feathers in that you keep it flat so the feathers don't get bent out of shape. Rodney
  18. I have tied on a Regal for 15 years, the only problem I had was when I put a hook in the jaws to close to the end of the jaw, the hook went flying to who knows where and the tip of the jaw chipped. I sent the jaws back to Regal, it didn't take long for them to send out a new set of Jaws, I only had to pay shipping, not sure what the cost is today, this happend several years ago. I have the regular and midge jaws, can't beat the holding power, I can change jaws in about 5 seconds, not a true rotary vice but you can rotate the jaws to view all angles of the fly. Simple to use, just squeeze the handle and insert the hook properly and then release the handle, no adjustment needed for different size hooks. Well made, very solid. I have a homemade pedestal made out of a piece of 15" x 15" x 2" marble that I got from a local countertop maker. The vice is very stable in this pedestal, not the greatest to take while traveling because of the size and weight of the marble. I got the Regal clamp on model and turned it into a pedestal, not sure how the pedestal model works with the included pedestal. Rodney
  19. Looks like a Caddis fly to me.
  20. RodL

    Line's End?

    I've bought whiting 100 packs from them, fast service and great prices, last time I looked they had the 100 packs for $7.15 or $7.45 I can't remember the exact amount but thats pretty good in my book.
  21. I would suggest checking each neck you plan on purchasing, keep in mind what size flies you will be tying from each neck. Sometimes you don't need to purchase a #1 or #2 neck when a #3 will suit your needs. I would also suggest to check out the whiting necks, as mentioned earlier, their grade 3 (bronze) necks are equal to or better than some other companies grade 2 necks. They also offer the 100 packs so you don't have to purchase a whole neck when you only plan on tying a few flies with that hackle color.
  22. I've been tying on my regal for about 10 years and the only problem I've ever had was when I put a hook in the vise to close to the jaw tips. It sent the hook at warp speed somewhere in my tying room, I never did find it! After this accident the jaws had a chip in the tips, I called Regal and then sent the vise head to them, they promptly sent me a new head and some instructions on how to properly put the hook in the vise. I purchased the midge head for smaller hooks and have'nt had any problems since then, it only takes seconds to change the heads so its no big deal to do it when needed. Regal gets an A+ from me. Rodney
  23. I have found a nice alternative to the the goose wings, I first make an underwing with black crystal flash and use a material called web wing as an overwing. Web wing comes in several colors but for my crickets I use black, well its kind of dark gray but when its put over the crystal flash it appears black. I think the crystal flash gives the fly a little extra attraction compared to the plain black goose wings. I do the same for hoppers, just change the color of the crystal flash and web wing material.
  24. Hi everyone, I joined the forum a couple of days ago and have enjoyed the posts that I have read so far and I'm looking forward to being here for a while. I'm 35 and live in a town called Frostburg, its in Allegany county Maryland which is in the western end of the state. I've lived here all of my life and have been fly fishing and tying since the age of 15. This end of the state is blessed with some pretty good trout streams, and lots of native brook trout water. If anyone has any questions about this area feel free to ask me and I will do my best to answer. Rodney
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