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  1. Kimo, The new TMC Magnetic adjustable bobbin spins pretty good, I have been tying with it for 2 weeks. It's a lot better than the rite bobbin. The Petijean bobbin and the original TMC bobbin spin the best. carlp
  2. I would say between 500 and 600 spools of thread.
  3. Regal Vises are the best, clamp and go. The issue of spitting out hooks is totally operator error. I have tied hundreds of thousands of flies on a Regal vise and not once have I ever had a hook spit out of my Regal. Regal Vises last forever. I tied on a Dyna King for a short while and I would have to replace jaws about once a year because they where wearing out. I currently own the Stainless head and the midge head. They are just flat bomb proof. carlp5351
  4. I have been tying 25 plus years consistency did come for me until I tied every day. I was told once by one of my instructors that the best to improve is to tie a fly every day and tie with a purpose. Consistency will come with more time at the vise. carlp
  5. My first choice is Marc Petitjean MP-TT Bobbin. Spins well, easy to load and adjust for different types of thread spools. 2nd choice would be Tiemco, solid all around bobbin. Ones I have tried and didn't like. C & F Bobbins, the main draw back to me was they are heavy. Rite bobbins, don't spin well and take a long time to load thread.
  6. Pretty much use 8/0 Montana fly Co. thread, can tie down to 28 pretty easy with the 8/0. With midges it is more about thread control than size of thread.
  7. Mini DH hoppers, be trying out a couple different hooks for these small hoppers. The middle pic is tied on TMC2488 size 12. The first and last pic is tied on the TMC competition series hook 550 size 10 and 12
  8. I just purchased a Whiting Cree Gold saddle from FE and it was top notch. It was packaged in the Whiting package and if it wasn't I don't think it would have bothered me. You could take one look at the saddle and tell the quality was there. The service was top notch. carlp
  9. Extended Body parachute Callibaetis
  10. I have been tying on a Regal for over 5 years on this stretch. I have the Medallion stainless and the Medallion midge head. I pretty try to tie every day, and to this day I HAVE NEVER shot a hook out of either one of my Regal vises. When you shoot a hook out of a Regal vise it is operator error. carp5351
  11. Been working on extended bodies. Finally getting it somewhat representable.
  12. In reality it is a grizzly variant, but it is a very rare grizzly variant. I'm pretty sure Whiting farms knows what cree is. As far as what I'm going tie with it who knows. Even if I'm going to tie with it who knows. All I know is that I've wanted one so I bought it to add to my collection of tying materials. Carlp
  13. Been dying to get my hands on a Cree saddle and finally pulled the trigger. The Cree saddle is a thing of beauty. Found it at Feather Emporium, had to call him wasn't posted on his site. Cree saddles are hard to find.
  14. try this method for tying off parachutes. Tie your hackle off with about three turns of thread on the post. Then jump your thread to the eye of the hook build a small head and the whip finish. just remember when you jump the thread keep it under tension. Couple other minor critiques would be use less material on the tails and the parachute. Flies look great.
  15. I have a Sony A58 with a used Sigma 55mm macro lens that I bought from ebay fairly inexpensive. This set up works great, but I still grab my Nikon p2100 point and shoot camera more often to take a quick picture. Some of the point and shoot cameras have a great macro feature. Almost to where you don't need a DSLR and a macro lens for fly photography carlp
  16. I haven't posted in a while and I've noticed something new under couple lines under my user name. 0 warning points, what dose this mean? Don't see it on anybody else's. can anyone let me know what this means. carlp
  17. I typically tie my tails on my nymphs about 1/2 the shank length. carlp
  18. Been playing with a different hook on the Golden stone. Switched to scud hook, because they are a lot stronger
  19. I think the pattern he is referring to is from Roger Hills Book Fly Fishing The South Platte River, An Anglers Guide. This is the first book I ever owned as a fly fisherman. The book was published in 1991. The pattern is called Muskrat Nymph. The material list and description is quoted right from the book. Muskrat Nymph Hook: TMC100 #20-#26 Thread: Gray Body: Muskrat Fur, Very sparse "Build up thorax with tying thread, sparsely dub thread, and wind onto hook. Whip finish and cement. This is my kind of fly."
  20. You have no clue why they are out of production. I know Vincent Stu and he builds a quality vise. The 720 vise is a cool idea and watching Vincent Stu work with vise is amazing.He just lost his sources for the manufacturing of this vise. Carl
  21. I just went thru Regals web site an nowhere does it state anything about safety glass. I have tied on Regals vises for a total of 8-10 years of my 25 plus years of tying and I can say I have NEVER shot a hook out of my Regal vise. What it boils down to when you shot a hook out of the vise is operator error. I've tied just about every major vise company out there. Not properly setting the hook in the jaws for any vise could have negative effects on the jaws. Flaring the edges of the jaws, shooting hooks. 1. Thompson Model AA 2. Price Vise - Solid vice, just purchased a remake of the vise to have. if you set the hooks to shallow in this vise the edges would flare 3. Regal Vise - Fixed head, thought I needed to go rotary 4. Renzetti traveler - Didn't like the access to the back of the hook and how held bigger hooks. I did shoot a small hook out of this vise. 5. Dyna King Voyager- Solid vise, started going threw jaws at to fast of pace. I got tired of spending $60 dollars on new jaws. 6. Griffin Mongoose - thought I needed to go rotary again. access to the back of the hook and the vise seemed a little unstable at the rotary point. 7. Regal Vises- Stainless and Midge, also getting ready to buy the Revolution. These are the best vises for my style of tying.
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