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  1. It's been a while since I've been active with my tying and a long while since I've been on the site. The site's been growing but still some familiar names out there. Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do. -Pat
  2. I placed an order with Jaimie about a year ago. Initial correspondence was good and then he dropped off radar and I had given up on getting what I ordered. Got an email several months later saying he was ready to deliver (and it still took a long time). All said and done, it took about 7-8 months after ordering and paying but I did receive the goods. -Pat
  3. Well, got off to a good start and then the rains came! I've been pumping out my basement 4X a day since which won't get better until the water table subsiudes. It's been a struggle to find anytime to get behind the vise and when the time did come, I was too up tight to do anything competently. Completely frustrating but I did finish a 2nd Red Rover - some improvements (the body and hackle is better) but liked the first much better. At any rate, good riddance to this pattern! I'm looking forward to moving on. -Pat
  4. In the immortal words of Steve Martin (aka 'The Jerk'), "The new phone book's here! The new phone book's here!". :headbang: Just time for a quick look but it's pretty impressive. Well done! Looking forward to getting started tonight. -Bamboo
  5. I'm so intrigued just looking at the body work, didn't even notice the long tail. Very nice. :headbang: -Pat
  6. Wow :bugeyes: Just Beautiful! -Pat
  7. Thanks everyone. I'll work on the head size and getting the wing down. Funny, for some reason I never thought of the underwing size preventing the overwing from sliding down! Makes too much sense I guess. :dunno: -Pat
  8. I've been watching the amazing flies that you all are able to put together, have been dabbling a little myself and am finally getting some time to devote to this myself. Obviously lots of problems - the picture even hides many! Started learning what 'not' to do - like pulling a stray feather barb when I was done. Next time I'll use scissors! Missed the veiling until it was too late to do anything about, .... Interested in any and all feedback. Thanks, Pat
  9. Wow. Sounds like an excellent opportunity and just the incentive I need to keep focused and learn to tie these great flies. Sent an email - hope I rate -Bamboo
  10. Bamboo

    I'm a Dead Man

    Maybe you should by her a nice travel light or something to make up for it! -Bamboo
  11. 2 sets of flies in the same day! Thanks Don for a great swap and everyone for the great ties. -Bamboo
  12. Flies arrived today. Great ties everyone and thanks Nomad for running the swap. Michael- I use the Chernobyl Ant allover - Millers, Deerfield, Westfield. Really anytime a terrestrial will work, so will this. Don't know why foam flies are so slow to catch on in the east but they don't get used nearly as much as they could. -Bamboo
  13. Wow! :headbang: A swap that ended early. I guess there's a first time for everything. :clapping: Thanks nomad. -Bamboo
  14. Nomad- Thanks for hosting. Flies were put in the mail this morning so you should get them in time. -Bamboo
  15. Dave- Did you here anything at the Symposium regarding The Art of Angling? :dunno: -Bamboo
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