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  1. I'm with J.R. Although I have not tied over 100,000 flies, I have been tying flies since 1982 and have never had a problem with Mustad hooks. Never broke one while de-barbing; never had one break while taking it out of the vice. Sorry guys....I like em! I use em! I catch fish on em!



  2. Hi John, depending on where you live in Europe, you may be able to order tonkin from this rod builder in Germany:



    Michael Hülsenbeck

    Am Walde 1a

    D-42929 Wermelskirchen 3


    Tel: (0049)-0-2196-89311


    Fax: (0049)-0-2196-702304


    Mail: [email protected]




    I am an American living in Austria. Have not ordered myself but, hear that he is reputable shop. Also heard of a rod builder in France who sells cane but don't have the contact. Hope this helps.



  3. Welcome! I will be in springfield, for 7 weeks this June and July. Any recomendations where I can do some fishing? Heard that there was a good stream in the branson area. Don't have a lot of time to fish but would like to give it a try while I'm there.




    RC its Taneycomo...you will love it. Let me know when you are down this way and I can help you with directions, flys, even meet you there...Dano


    Thanks Dano. I'll let you know.


  4. Have listened to it Fly Fishing Radio on several occations. Downloaded in an listen to it on my Pocket PC while on the road or keep it on my computer and listen while working. Very enjoyable and informative. Just don't like the sound of the reel at the beginnig of the program and in between segments. But it's just a small matter.


    There is also another that I listern to: GFF Podcasts: http://www.globalflyfisher.com/find/?query...podcast&submit= here is the index for the podcasts.


    The first one I to which I listened was recorded while--I think it was--Martin was fishing on the lake. His dog was there. You could hear the water, birds, dog barking...very nice.








  5. Searched for several months for the right vise. Read all the literature. Friend recomended Dinaking. Glad I took his adVICE.


    Bought a Dynaking Jr. Trekker and love it. Strong, slip-free jaws; smooth rotation and solid base; nice craftman ship. The Hook and Hackle Company gave me 20% off my first order, so got it for around $175.00. http://www.hookhack.com. Don't regret for a second spending that kind of money for this vise.



  6. Just a quick note to say hi to everyone.


    I was introduced to this forum by conehead. Thanks conehead. The posts on this forum are filled with excellent information and advice. But what really sets this forum heads about the other internet-fly-tying-forms is the almost family-like comaradary and sense of community among the forum members--even to the point of giving support to a member who recently posted news of his divorce. What a great group of people.


    I have been fly fishing and fly tying for sometime but still have much to learn. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to join in.




    I am presently on a weekend trip to Boston. Stuck in my hotel room...16+ inches of snow on the ground, with at least 6 more hours of the same expected ahead. Flying home to PA tomorrow....I hope. Like bentflyrod says, "C'MON SPRING!!!!

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