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  1. got them yesterday Very nice one and all. Will be using them in the morning. Thanks Scott
  2. Thanks Prof. for the swap.Nice set .Nice job all Scott
  3. Hey !! I say send them to me!!!! OK ..... keep them if you wish. If you already have a bucket full of dead chickens you can split them up. Ive done both in the past. As the Swapmaster..... As you wish. Scott
  4. Glad to here that they made it.I hope they fit in. Scott
  5. Never tied one.None the less,I'm in. Scott
  6. Forgot to add the recipe Kevin so here it is. SHANK--Senyo Blue 40mm WIRE-- Senyo thin Blue HOOK-- Blackbird 6 REAR BODY--Select Blue Marabou MIDDLE BODY--Medium Chenille Silver FRONT BODY--Select Peacock Blue Marabou FLASH--Krystal Copper/Blue LEGS/WING/ARMS(CALL THEM WHAT YOU LIKE)--Red Ostrich EYES--3/16th Brass HEAD--Red Ostrich Sorry for the delay.Went out today .Should be to you by Thursday Scott
  7. Hey Kevin, Started today. Will be out by mid week. Thanks for hosting Scott
  8. Pick Me!!!!!!!Pick Me!!!!! If its not to late,sounds like a good one. Scott
  9. Im in. Will dig up something good. Scott
  10. I would be interested also Riff in your box.When you get it firmed up send me a pic and any pay info I will need.I will take 2 if it looks like it will work for me. Thanks Scott
  11. Hey All, 1 FTF Oceana XL 1 Hatch XL Thanks Scott
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