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  1. Here.... all these recommendations are a good start- http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=71250
  2. I would bring midnight minnows by the dozen, for the night snook fishing under lights and everything in between for the days. Almost anything cruising the flats will eat those things. Also I would bring some EP shrimp and EP crab patterns for tailing reds. I use those in Naples a lot with good success. I posted on a previous thread with pics of these flies and a few more. Check out the "Vero Beach / Naples" thread and look for my post. Good luck, watch the tides, especially in Tampa.
  3. Fished Everglades National Forest this past week. Water temps were colder then usual but that didnt stop the fish from cooperating. We fished reds while we waited for the sun to heat things up. Once the water temps. were warm enough we had great snook fishing all day. Even jumped a two tarpon on Friday afternoon and another on Saturday. Hopefully, that was the last cold front the Glades will see this spring. Here are a few pics from the trip. If anyone is looking for a TOP NOTCH guide for fishing the Everglades PM me. On our way to the 10,000 islands. Pulling into our first flat of the day... Early morning rollers. Waiting out the reds. Couple reds to start the day. Headed up into Everglades Nat. Forest. First big snook! Slob of the trip! All and all it was an excellent trip and one that I would like to make and annual event! Hope you guys like the pics. If you need a guide PM me.
  4. I would start with Chartreuse and White Clouser minnows. I would also tie some white on white and tan on white. Great for along the beaches, you can use plastic eyes or lead for depth. I would start with Clousers, then work into midnight minnows and shrimp patterns. Disco shrimp are a good start (you can find the sbs on Flyfishing in Saltwaters website). Also small bonefish patterns like "gotcha's" are killer for ladyfish and smaller species along the docks and beaches. Good luck, those ties you can pump out in serious numbers and they will catch fish!
  5. Hey guys I just wanted to throw a thread up about Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters. I am a big advocate of supporting your local fly shop, however I am sure there are some guys out there that may not have a fly shop right down the street. Or maybe the shop is great for the local area but is lacking in the international selection. Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters is my semi-local fly shop and boy am I lucky. Not only do they have first class selections of rods, reels, and absolutely everything else you need for fly fishing, the staff is helpful and professional. The guys at "Chi Fly" are pro's when it comes to the Midwest, and on top of that offer some amazing fly fishing trips all over the world. They cover the "Driftless" region of SW Wisconsin to the flats of Mexico. The only reason I put this post up was because I really think that Chi Fly is a great place and for someone like myself who found it only a year ago, I wanted to pass it on. If your not from the Midwest they have an excellent website as well, were you can order anything from full set ups to fly fishing apparel and tons of fly tying equipment. So for anyone out there who is limited on fly shops or is looking for something specific Chi Fly caries the best brands and offers the best information on fishing and products that I have come across. I know this was long winded but I am a very satisfied customer and new friend. I hope that everyone on the forum has a place like this that they can go hangout or reference for help! If not here it is! Check them out and see for yourselves. http://chifly.com/
  6. chifly.com If they don't have it, you dont need it (not everything is online but if your looking for something super specific they will make sure its included with the rest of the order)
  7. looks good to me- what size hook are you tying on? \
  8. beautiful tie, i bet that will be chewed a few times this year.
  9. those look awesome, i bet they would make great pike flies too
  10. those look killer man hopefully they get chewed...
  11. that looks great, Enrico Puglisi has some great videos on his website that really helped be when working on the shape and build of the fly- but that fly right there will catch fish!
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