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  1. Hey I just bought a rooster with an excellent furnace brown cape on him and was looking to make good use of it. I've cleaned plenty of birds but never have tried to keep the skin intact, so does anyone know of a good tutorial or video that illustrates the process? Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
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    Fish Pictures

    ^That's a beauty, Piker!
  3. Another thought is to put the fibers in a dubbing loop or split thread loop and make a streamer out of them. I believe there's a fly in the database like that.
  4. Hey I got an order for a LOT of Copper Johns in Copper, Red, and Dark Olive, but I don't have the right copper colors. So does anyone know where I can get those colors in bulk? Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  5. Wow everybody! It looks like it's gonna be one hell of a month. I wish I could post something worthwhile but I've been too busy with commercial stuff lately:(
  6. C LeBo

    Fish Pictures

    Thank you, sir! You are quite right with it being in the foothills, and it's name is Stevenson Creek, but they're are several of those in California so it's the one by Shaver lake and the San Joauquin.
  7. C LeBo

    Fish Pictures

    Finally got to go out trout fishing after a lousy warm water summer! Hiked a little farther down my favorite creek than usual but it paid off with 16 fish total with fishing nymphs deep in the larger pools. Smallmouth were hitting as well. Crap load of pictures!! Enjoy! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  8. Wow Great fish! They almost look like a rainbow sub species native here in California.
  9. Exactly! Thats why here in California it's doing so good, because all the good lakes have Florida Strain Bass. I know that when Bob Crupi caught the world record Largemouth out of Lake Castaic back in the 90's that he put it back, so who knows... it could've gained a pound or two since then
  10. Thank you, TC! Some Extended Body Deep Sparkle Pupas. Enjoy! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  11. Lately I've been trying to get into more complicated mayfly patterns using extended bodies and new wings and whatnot, so here is my latest creation. Tell me what you think! Enjoy! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  12. Some Tweed body style soft hackles using the "light dubbing" technique. Enjoy! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  13. Little!? That doesn't seem too little to me! Great Tie!
  14. Thanks! CDC Fan Wing Mayfly, Olive Scud w/Flashback, and fuzzy Dragonfly Nymph. Enjoy! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  15. ^^Thanks Crackaig Skimming through some tying books I found a pattern I never saw before but looked very effective, The Hair Wing Dun, by Rene Harrop, and tied some extended body versions with a touch of CDC Dub and Ginger Hackle. Enjoy! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  16. Thanks Moscow, because quite frankly I didnt know if it weakened it or not
  17. Ok I know that this really can"t be considered as a fly but nevertheless I'll post it. I was trying ( and failing) at making a hot glue egg but couldnt figure out for life of me how to get the darn glue on right... then I saw some airsoft BB's... so I heated the hook til it was red then melted one of those on there... Enjoy! Thank youand Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  18. Wow! These are some awesome fish everyone! Mine would have to be the Kern River Rainbow, because it was the prettiest fish I ever caught and convinced me to start practicing catch and release.
  19. OK, I know every one of us have had that argument on the what the most "noble" fish is, so I figure why not bring the argument here! I know that it is all a matter of perspective and opinion, but what is yours? Is it that tench, roach, or bluegill that was the first fish you ever hooked and seemed like a monster at the time? Or is it that bright slip of a trout that you chased along a steep mountain stream? Or is it that salmon or steelhead that you pulled out of the middle of a grand river? Or is it even that saltwater monster that you payed for in sweat and blood but yet it was totally worth it? There's a lot of grand fish out there of all sizes and shapes that I don't know about so please share. Thank you and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  20. Thank You so much, Cencalfly, especially seeing I have all those trout to thank you for!
  21. Thank You sir! Im gonna have to tie up some of those
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