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  1. Nice Fly! Materials??
  2. Wow Piute! Jeff Courier came to a club that I'm a part of and gave a presentation on the 11 native trout of California and really emphasized those. The story is that they didnt used to exist above that waterfall you mentioned until some shepherds had enough forethought to plant them up there, before all the others below it got wiped out by invasive species, but now all fishing upstream from the waterfall is banned, though I've heard stories of a good snow melt washing them over the waterfall where its legal to catch them.
  3. One of the the members from this site who is a fellow Californian gave me the location of a creek that still held Lahontan Cutthroats, which is super rare for West of the Sierras. It was a small but very pretty creek, I caught nine total, but none reached more than 6 inches long at most. The CDC/Antron midge in the picture is a size 24 and accounted for 4 of the fish caught. Enjoy! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  4. Thanks Piker! No, I havent gotten to use it yet, but it should work ok even though it's a little too beefy for a hopper
  5. Ive always had a hard time tying hoppers and really admire those who can whith ease, so I decided that I would finally sit down til I tied a decent opper, and here it is. Enjoy! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  6. What you can do instead of using the Herl as a rib is to use it like LoFontaines Double Magic technique, where you wrap the herl in spirals around the deer hair dubbing loop and then wrap the whole thing forward, it would give it a more "random" appearance and also strengthen it. Carson LeBoeuf
  7. ^^^^^^ Those are sweeeet! Ha Ha Been tinkering round with some EHC's lately and here are a few variations, including a reversed and hook up version. Also a size 24 mosquito! Enjoy!! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  8. So when do we get the sbs for this one. Looks like a good bass fly. Kevin Thank you, sir! I really enjoyed that Pete Gray fly you tied earlier. I'll have to do some testing on this one before I consider doing an SBS on it
  9. This fly is a combination of three flies which have all worked well for me. I call it the LeBoggler. Enjoy! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  10. Sorry couldn't wait! Havent posted in a while but here's whats come off the vice of late. Not a saltwater fisherman but decided to have a crack at a shrimp, and the other caught me 13 bucketmouths on a bad day, definately a keeper!
  11. Hmmmm... I really like his jealousy aggravation technique
  12. P.S. Tidewater, where did ya get that schlappen, I really like the way it's dyed.
  13. I agree with Mikechell, i always dress out my Rap's and Crankbaits,even though it does limit the action. But when it comes to chasing larger fish, Swiash hooks are always the way to go, dressed or not, they penetrate easier, sink deeper, wont bend as much, and are safer.
  14. Wow! Thanks a lot guys, I'll be sure to tie some of those polish pt's and definately that two bit hooker fly! Hopefully I'll be posting some fish pictures tomorrow!
  15. Hey I'm going fishing tomorrow and the creek is going to be colder than usual due to the snow melt. I'm in need of some good deep sinking, bottom bouncin' nymph ideas! Got any? Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  16. Thanks guys! I dont exactly know how I came up with it besides messing around with bits of feathers!
  17. Been busy lately with FFA activities but finally got the tim to sit down and make this simple SBS for my new material that I debued in the Flies from the Vice forum. Enjoy! #1Find an old, cut up, beat up turkey wing feather you arent using anymore. #2 Pull two or three fibers from the top section of the feather and pull at a 90 deg. angle to the stem. #3 Continue to do so until the fibers tear from the side of the feather and are connected to the main stem by a thin membrane. #4 Pull down along the feather with this membrane. . #5 Continue until it pulls completely off of the feather or snaps. You'll be left with a twisted mess of a thine Swiss-Straw-ish material. #6 To untwist it, simply place it in running water and stroke it downwards between your fingers repeatedly until its manageable. #7 You should be left with something like this... #8 For longtime storage, I reccomend merely placing it between paper towels and weighting it down with a book. Or else if left out the open, it can split and crack. I hope you guys like the SBS as well as the material. Due to the transparent yet strong nature of it, it provides many opportunites to work with. Here are some flies I've created with it... Enjoy! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  18. Dryfly, I took your idea of the dust broom and incorporated it into some damselfly patterns! They look killer so thanks!
  19. Interesting fly... looks to me like a Hotspot Rubber-Leg Stone, with a soft hackle collar.
  20. ^^Very Cool!! Discovered a new material that I've never seen anyone else use before so I tied a few patterns with it. On the stone, its the main body and wingcase material; while on the midges its the dark ribbing material, so I provided a close-up shot; and on the nymph its the body and wingcase material. So try to guess what it is; and no, its not a herl stem! I'll reveal it in due time in a SBS (P.S. Last two shots of the stone are with it wettened) Enjoy! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
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