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  1. Beautiful fish! I have yet to catch a saltwater fish on the fly, but your pictures got me itching to get out there!
  2. Thanks Piker! But I dont think that I'll ever get famous enough to where any of my stuff would be worth something!
  3. Been going through a serious trout fishing withdrawl lately, seeing I can't afford to get into the Sierra's and rain is killing local bass fishing, so grabbed a pencil and felt inspired. This was my first time attempting this type of art, seeing I've never strayed far from fly tying. The Kern was my first attempt, the Golden my second, and the bluegill my crown achievement! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf Enjoy!
  4. That was the exact problem! I don't really know why it is, but I'll start with the extended body and maybe get some damsel braid...
  5. I felt pretty streamer-inspired after seeing those beautiful ones Kauha-apina tied, so here is my little addition to this month's thread! Enjoy! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  6. Uuuuhh... Tidewater... I think that its pretty safe to say that your addicted. But seriously, I tend to pack fairly light when I'm out creek hopping, usually with just one small box full of my favourites and new prototypes. I carry three of each nymphal pattern unweighted, weighted, and with tungsten, in sizes according to the water being fished. Now with dries I just tend to have two sizes and a color change if possible. Flytire, I see that you tied some of LaFontaine's marabou worms (sorry, I forgot the true name of that fly), have they worked well for you?
  7. Its definately not a knot problem, because I was using the Trilene Knot, which is my go to knot and I have been tying it for years, even before I was fly fishing. Flytire, I was using a .20 mm tippet which was where most of the problems occurred. But I think now that the problem was due to the extended body, which acted as a rudder in the wind and spun the fly...
  8. Some clouds have been rollin in over the local bass pond lately, and because of that, the dragonflies are flying lower. So I tied up some quick foam dragonflies and damsels with krystal flash wings for the first time and tossed them out there. They were workin great on the bass and crappie, until I noticed a problem. The darn fly kept popping off the leader for no reason, then I saw the leader after a few casts... and it was a freakin birdnest! I know that it has something to do with the wings. So, what should I do to fix it, more pliable wings, less material, etc?<BR><BR><BR>Thank You and Tight Lines,<BR>Carson LeBoeuf
  9. Black/Red, White/Red Throat, Black/Olive, and Brown are some of my favourites. Anyways, great fly!
  10. CTobias, those nymphs look great! I love the variations between them.
  11. Golden trout, http://en.wikipedia....ki/Golden_trout Wow! Ive only caught them as the small, bright juveniles you typically see, and I never realised they lost their coloring to that extent! Anyways, beautiful fish!
  12. Nice trip! What subspecies of rainbow trout is that? I've never seen that spotless strain of trout on my western side.
  13. I'd check out the Redington rods if I were you, they are fairly cheap and very reliable.
  14. Great flies! I'm in California too, and those would kill down here in the Valley!
  15. Cool fly! Weird thing is I killed one of the fly's namesakes yesterday...
  16. Thats gonna be one good tasting fish if it was chasing eels like that!
  17. Can't say that I know much about steelhead fishing, but that there is a beaut'!
  18. Wow! I'm glad for all the feedback! It means a lot to a 14 year old kid with not very much money to get this kind of feedback. I'll spend this weekend trying to tweak my method for making these!
  19. Those are sweet! Mind if I "borrow" your idea?
  20. Thanks everyone! Heavy, Piker, I think that I just might give that a shot, though I don't know how I would be able to paint it. Anyways, I'll work something out!
  21. That certainly is a neat fly! What was used on the extended body?
  22. Ditto! That definately was one cocky lil sunfish, too!
  23. Most definately a cool fly! I really like the way you did the stinger hooks. You'll have to show us all some pictures of what you have caught on that!
  24. A buddy of mine asked me to try to imitate his favorite Hula Popper. It was a little different style of dremmel work, but not bad, and definately fun! The other one was just a fancy of mine to test out a new paint I got. I've also been enjoing the pivoting dressed stinger hook, which I have been using Dacron on. Oh yeah, due to the technique I've developed to make this kind of popper, I have to cut the sacrificial hook after painting it, but I don't like the unsightly stub of a hook, I showed it in the 5th picture. Can anyone help me out on this to make it look neater? Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf Enjoy!
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