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  1. jdub-that is a awesome fly,neat and crisp and I like the color combo.-flymank out
  2. flymank here,yes I will be there and will be doing a live by request session where folks who are having problems with their tying or a pattern recipe can get the help they need.hope to see ya'll there-flymank out
  3. I use the [email protected] bobbins and have no reason to use anything else.not made as such any more,but you can find on e/bay sometimes.was sniffing around cotes booth @ sommerset show and found 3 hiding on 1 of there racks that I snagged for 11.00.I now own 22 of them and they are great for all tying.A.k best,bob jacklin,eric lieser,and ralph graves are huge fans of the [email protected] them,I think you'll like them-flymank out
  4. HI FOLKS-I've had a regal for 18yrs and I still tye with it and its as good as the day I bought it flymank out
  5. HELLO TO ALL-just found this site and I love it.some info about me-been a flyfisher/tyer for 29 yrs and counting,my passions are flytying and also catskill trout fishing,great lakes steelheah/salmon fishing,northeast saltwater fishing.I live in rockaway,n.j.and plan to be a active member,thanks flymank out
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